Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kool-Aid Hangover...

The Obama Faithful are slowly waking up from their sweet dreams of change they can believe in, and realizing that they've been had...

In Past and Future, William Grieder writes:

"A year ago, when Barack Obama said it was time to turn the page, his campaign declaration seemed to promise a fresh start for Washington. I, for one, failed to foresee Obama would turn the page backward. The president-elect's lineup for key governing positions has opted for continuity, not change. Virtually all of his leading appointments are restoring the Clinton presidency, only without Mr. Bill. In some important ways, Obama's selections seem designed to sustain the failing policies of George W. Bush."


"This is not the last word and things are changing rapidly. But Obama's choices have begun to define him. His victory, it appears, was a triumph for the cautious center-right politics that has described the Democratic party for several decades. Those of us who expected more were duped, not so much by Obama but by our own wishful thinking."

Of Obama's team of economic advisors, Greider says:

"The connections go way beyond irony. They raise very serious questions about where the new president intends to lead and whether he has the nerve to break from the weak and haphazard strategy of the Bush administration."

After talking about the obscene money being thrown at companies in the form of bailouts, he concludes with that deluded hope so many of them cling to:

"Barack Obama is too smart and perceptive to let this happen to his yet-unborn presidency."

Is he really?

What we are seeing are the kinds of decisions that are made by someone with no executive experience, only 143 days served in the Senate, sketchy Illinois Senate performance, and an underachieving academic career - decisions they make IF they have any brains at all.

That Obama is putting people around him who have experience and can guide him shows more judgement than I credited to him. Sure, he's paid off some political debts with appointments, but he's also made smart choices, like Clinton for State, knowing that it would enrage the Faithful who are afflicted with terminal Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

I didn't think he would be able to resist trying to reinvent the governmental wheel. I fully expected him to bring in rookies and dreamers and go about setting up some kind of Kennedyesque first 100 days where he could enact all kinds of liberal social justice policies that would thrill his followers. Instead, he is actually taking the job seriously and trying to set his administration up for some kind of success.

Janice Crouse writes about this same issue at "American Thinker" in her article Buyer's Remorse on the Left. Her's is a Republican view, and she brings up the idea that, given Obama's community organizing background, it will be bottom-up/lower level appointments, out of public view, where Obama's Leftist policies will be snuck through. There is a ring of truth to her warnings...

Maybe if we hadn't gotten the financial meltdown, which has oozed onto Obama's plate, we'd be seeing talk of hope-and-change at a dizzying speed after January 20. Time will tell whether he is up for the job he coveted.

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