Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama Elected, Gays Rejected, Supreme Court Selected

As swooning Obama supporters rushed to the voting booths in California to bestow their electoral bounty on a candidate with no executive experience and only 143 days served in the U.S. Senate, they also eagerly pulled the lever of discrimination.

That lever was for Proposition 8, to amend the state constitution and ban same sex couples from marriage, thus annulling the marriages that had already taken place.

These were the "yes we can", the "change you can believe in", the "we are the ones we've been waiting for" people from the Obama bandwagon. This was the new constituency that Obama jettisoned women and blue color workers to attract.

And they turned out to be a majority of prejudiced bigots who voted to amend the state constitution to deny legal rights to a minority group of Californians. There's some change for ya.

Eureka!, to quote the California state motto, we have found it! A Blue State voting for change and persecuting its own people.

There is some hope for California's homosexual taxpayers and voters. The California Supreme Court has agreed to hear three lawsuits challenging the legality of Proposition 8, and intends to rule by June.

The basis for the lawsuits is that the proposition was an improper method of amending the state constitution, and that it interferes with the ability of the judiciary to protect minority rights.

"Unlike other cases, this is a case where for the first time people have voted to single out one group of individuals entitled to the highest level of constitutional protection and taken away civil rights,'' said Donna Ryu, a Hastings College of the Law professor. "It eviscerates the equal protection clause.'

Bigots in California are threatening the Justices with a "voter revolt" that could remove them from the Court, as happened in 1986 over the death penalty. It's absolutely fine and safe in California to stand up, use your real name, and spout threats like this, because, hey, it's "gay rights" after all, and everyone knows nobody takes THAT seriously. You can bash away all you want, because a majority of your fellow Californians voted right there with you on November 5.

It is beyond belief the lengths to which heterosexuals will go to deny legal rights to homosexuals. What is the sacred cow nature of the legal contract of marriage that causes people to devolve to such basely prejudiced positions?

I don't get that kind of hate. I don't get how any person feels entitled to deny another person the same legal rights they have. Over what? Sex?

There is no such thing as "gay marriage". There is just marriage, a legal contract entered into by two people that gives them joint assets, say in medical decisions, tax breaks, and other benefits. Why is that so special for heterosexuals? Special enough to let their Inner Bigot come out and treat other Americans like they are less than, in a country founded on the idea of equality for all.

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