Monday, November 24, 2008

Sarah Palin Appreciation Day

I am not a Republican, but I honor the respect Republican women are showing for Governor Palin, and join in saluting her. I sent a letter to her myself days after the election, to thank her for raising women's visibility and for standing up under the assaults.

Sarah Palin Appreciation Day - November 24, 2008
National Federation of Republican Women

Sarah Palin has made history and she is a rising star in the Republican Party. She made history as the Party's first female vice presidential candidate. With a direct approach and dynamic personality, she was a powerful force on the campaign trail. Sarah, as she is often affectionately called, is energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent, courageous and a strong leader.

She has endured numerous attacks from the media and the public, but has handled her attackers with dignity and grace.

Sarah, we are proud of you!

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