Monday, November 10, 2008

Scary Signs of Things to Come...

Even on a self-imposed news blackout - my attempt to detach from the election fatigue - disturbing news trickles into my little protected sphere :-)

I've caught parts of radio shows, and listened to the self-satisfied tones of people who seem to feel they have an inside track on how Obama is going to instigate all that change he promised us. There are assumptions galore about how he will do everything from straighten out the economy to make us energy independent. There is easy laughter that of course it is all going to happen, just as he promised us.

But no one is talking about how any of it is going to be paid for. No basis in reality whatsoever.

One poignant radio moment on PBS this morning was a man talking about what life is like for those who have lost 'hope', and how attractive the promises of 'hope' have been. But also how dangerous it is to stir hope in people when there is virtually no chance in it succeeding.

I go on record right now in saying that a year from now, there is going to be much buyer's remorse. There will be broken promises and unsatisfactory reasons for breaking them. The burden for affecting change will be laid upon us, with the new guy in the White House blaming us for not doing enough when the promised hope and change does not materialize.

I also go on record in saying that he will push through a lot of legislation with his rubber stamp Congress, but the day will come when Reid, Pelosi et al. wake up and realize that they are cut out of power. Obama will call the tune and they had better dance, because right now he owns the majority of registered Democrats.

But not all of us. I have no hopes or dreams of change that I am projecting onto BO. Having never heard his speeches, I have not sampled the kool-aid. My task is to watch what he does, not listen to what he says.

I leave the giddy dreams of Eutopian change to those who also thought he'd honor his pledge to use public funding and lobby against FISA.

I leave the breathless anticipation of economic reform to those who are pretending they don't know about the money laundering that went on via his website during the campaign.

I leave the golden ideals of regaining international respect to those who don't care if he sits down with dictators without preconditions or that he violated the Logan Act by talking policy with foreign leaders during his European campaign trip.

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully stated. I totally agree with you. One day people will realize how stupid, gullible and sexist they truly are. One day people will realize that Jesus was a minister/prophet, not a politician.

One day black women will wake up and realize that sexism has hurt them as much or even moreso than racism. God bless America!!