Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Sun has Set on Bipartisanship

In the closing months of the election, I had found myself in the position of voting for the GOP rather than the DNC, and also found myself interacting with moderate Republicans, as well as a few conservatives. I'd felt like the doors of conversation had swung open, with Palin being on the ticket. Palin's record is of appointing Democrats and Independents to her Cabinet, and encouraging other Republican leaders to do the same. To work together for our common good.

She also spoke in a recent interview with Greta van Sustern, about her desire to see women come together over what unites us, rather than what separates us. Her's is a leader's vision of unity, of bringing our best selves forward, and being willing to realize that beliefs we hold which are not shared by others should not hinder working for the common good. Keep your beliefs, but separate from what is right for the country.

It gave me hope that the centrists of both parties might continue working on this common ground. Communities of women and men had sprung up, that embraced GOP voters for McCain/Palin (mostly Palin), cross-over Democrats, and Independents during the campaign. There was enthusiasm to continue this openness in the coming years.

But it seems that Palin's moderating influence is over.

On one such Sarah list, I found the bigotry of the GOP alive and well... That bigotry is the inherent homophobia of that party. This knee-jerk bigotry has made the GOP look mean and small for a long time but, as I was reminded, it is part of the GOP platform.

The worst of the homophobia comes from Christians. It is not for me to try to understand why anyone calling themselves a Christian would embrace the Old Testament, rather than the true message of Christianity, the New Testament, including Jesus's eloquent and simple - Love One Another. Or his call for sanity in the Sermon on the Mount - "judge not lest you be judged".

My own Party has become a cult of personality that is just as toxic for me, so I guess now I explore the land marked 'Independent' and see what lies within its borders...

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