Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Symbolic of what should have been

Sunday night, on "24", gave us the inauguration of President Allison Taylor (played by Tony winner, Cherry Jones), and the start of a new Administration to be followed through Season 7 of the Fox thriller.

What an irony...

Without rampant (and documented) caucus fraud, the disenfranchising of millions of voters in Florida and Michigan to skew the delegate count, DNC Rules & Bylaws committee deciding to ignore their own rules and make up new ones, payoffs to Super Delegates, and illegal vote switching forced on delegates in Denver, we'd indeed be looking forward to the first woman president, instead of the inexperienced hack preparing to take over from Bush.

When the recount was halted in 2000, and the presidency given to Dubya, discouraged Democrats had President Josiah Bartlett to watch on NBC's "The West Wing", and for at least that hour every week, we had an image of a president that was positive. It was a wistful joke of the time that Barlett was "our president"...
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Now FOX is giving us President Taylor. More importantly, they are giving us the image of a woman president, and that is something we need to all get familiar with, so that the next time a woman runs on a major ticket, she wins. Fingers crossed for 2012, and that the hope-and-change guy doesn't run us into the ground in the next four years.

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