Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow We Vote

I'll be voting early tomorrow, for McCain/Palin - my first ever vote for a Republican ticket. My vote is for Sarah Palin, and I am also okay that it would benefit McCain. He is a good and honorable man. And he put a woman on his ticket, so John, my vote's for you.

I am voting for her because I am a Feminist, and Feminists vote for women. If they vote for men, they aren't promoting womens advancement. They are selling out to status quo, Gloria Steinem and Eve Ensler included. Feminism is not about abortion. It is about putting women's long-neglected presence in national politics ahead of party loyalty, ahead of any other consideration that isn't primary - promoting women to higher office.

This is the first time in my voting life that I've known so many people who are undecided. They can't vote for Obama but pulling the lever for a Republican is a huge hurdle for a Democrat to clear...

But the stakes are high and this is no time to turn our vulnerable economy and weakened international position over to someone who isn't qualified to handle them. The job requires leadership, courage, the ability to do what is right for the country even if it is unpopular, and the will to be honest with the people. It is about the office of President, not the person in the office.

Obama has had many chances to demonstrate this level of executive leadership and he has failed repeatedly.

Obama could not do the one thing he needed to do to unite his political party in Denver. He put himself first, before the rest of his party, and the good of the country. He passed over Hillary Clinton, the best qualifed VP candidate out there, who got more votes than Obama did and than any one ever has in U.S. history, and picked someone who came in 5th in the one caucus he took part in before ending his bid for the presidency, garnering only 1% of the vote. We'd already rejected Joe at the ballot box and demonstrated that half of us wanted Clinton and half of us wanted Obama. With a golden opportunity to lead a united party laid at his feet, he let his personal animosity toward the Clintons override the will of the people.

When he could have demonstrated leadership on hate and woman-bashing, he remained silent, whether it was Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, because trashing them helped his campaign. As late as last week, when an effigy of Palin was lynched and on display in CA for two weeks, he once again let an opportunity for leadership slip by because it didn't serve his interests.

When President Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro were branded racists, he remained silent, because it helped his campaign for high profile Democrats to be smeared.

His campaign spread lies that Hillary Clinton was insinuating he should be assassinated when she made a comment on RFK. His campaign has lambasted McCain on his physical problems, all caused by his being tortured in service to this country.

When Wright's racist preaching from the pulpit of Obama's church reached the media, Obama said he didn't think his church was "all that controversial". He only cut his ties, after 20 years in the pews of a church were anti-American, anti-Semitic, and racist diatribes were commonplace, because it became politically necessary. If those videos hadn't surfaced, he'd still be a member there today.

And his campaign has laundered obscene amounts of money through its unsecured internet donation site, where anyone can invent an unlimited number of aliases and donated unlimited times with the same credit card. Fraud. Fraud. Fraud.

He has lied repeatedly to the American people, from campaign financing, to FISA, to his relationships with Wright, Ayres, Rezko, and ACORN.

How we do one thing is how we do everything.

The one thing he always does is put himself first. He will say anything, do anything, to be elected.

Obama can't be trusted to put America first.

John McCain puts country first, and he demonstrates that over, and over, and over again. He doesn't lie, waffle, dissemble, or evade. He doesn't hide his family or lie about his own history.

Ironically, Obama has united Republicans and Democrats who cannot stomach voting for such a weak candidate, into a team that is working together to defeat him, and take down the corrupt party leadership that foisted him on us in the first place.

I hope we succeed because America deserves the best leader, not the best talker. And American women deserve to see one of our own finally make history.

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