Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What does this picture have to do with poker?

I used to subscribe to "Bluff" magazine, but cancelled it. In the past months, a few stray issues have appeared in my mailbox, including this issue with the totally irrelevant cover.

These two women in their underwear are, supposedly, professional poker players. Perhaps part of their strategy is that they don't want anyone to take them seriously. If so, hey, it's working. They embody the bimbo stereotype, the kind of woman who is so foolish as to think being asked to pose pretending to pull down your panties is a compliment. They look like two girls ready to fulfill every man's two-fer sex fantasies, rather than two young women to be treated respectfully.

How can young women continue to take off their clothes and pose like this, allowing themselves to be masturbation fodder? Does the idea of men jerking off to their photos seem like something good to put on a professional resume?

Here's how seriously Bluff magazine takes them - which is not at all. From the Bluff website:

"Since the inception of BLUFF we have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to have a cover featuring beautiful women wearing lingerie. We've thought long and hard about it, attempting to create the perfect scenario where we could go ahead and pull the trigger. Well, we finally have our chance with the lovely Lacey Jones who was named the Hottest Woman in Poker by Wicked Chops Poker and the equally hot up-and-comer Christina Lindley. While neither has won a major title yet, it's clear that poker is in their blood."

How is that clear? Do they have spades and clubs on their panties? Is their naughty girls pose a sign of poker skill? I don't think so. Professional poker players who happen to be women must be rolling their eyes over this disgusting display. Women pros only have been on the cover of "Bluff" twice before - Jennifer Harmon in February 2007, and Jennifer Tilly in October 2005. Both were fully dressed and photographed as professionals, as women of skill in the poker world who are respected and accomplished. Both are World Series of Poker bracelet winners.

These two gals? As Bluff tells us, neither has won a major title. The only reason they are on the cover is to be in lingerie. How sad is that?

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