Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Women Lose Again

As the first Socialist president elect prepares to take over America, you women out there celebrating might want to take a moment to consider what you've thrown away for the rest of us. Male domination of the U.S. presidency and vice-presidency continues because women will not support each other, and because too many of us are still giving our power away to men, expecting them to give us what we could so easily take for ourselves - with our votes and our numbers.

But we squander those votes and numbers again and again.

We keep men in power, and they know that they don't have to do anything to appease us because enough women go along with the tearing down of other women that any outcry is muffled. They know the media isn't listening either. Not this election. They already had their narrative, and it wasn't about women, or covering the inconvenient specter of misogyny that still hangs over the election.

Now we are muzzled again, our chance to create real change in womens' representation at the highest levels of government gone. Poof!

Do you think Obama is going to work for womens' advancement? Do you?

When Hillary was being trashed so horrifically, Obama said nothing. When Ferraro was branded a racist, he said nothing. When Palin was the victim of ugly rumors, frightening images of her being beaten, a gun held to her head, and lynched in effigy, he said nothing.

And all that sexism and hate was on the brightest lit and biggest stage in the world, with everyone watching.

He didn't say anything because he didn't have to. He knew he had your votes in the bag. He had no incentive to put a stop to the horrible abuse of good women because it was helping his campaign.

That should have made you furious. It should have offended you so deeply that you'd still be soul-sick about it today. It should have sent you running into the voting booth to pull the lever for the only woman on a major ticket, and the decent man who stood up for her when the media and the Obama-controlled Democratic Party went after her with their sharp, woman-hating knives.

If any of you women who voted for Obama think he's going to do anything for us now that your votes are in the bank and the lights are off, you are sadly and tragically wrong. When you wake up and see that you are still making less than a man four years from now, let me know how that change you can believe in worked out for ya, okay?

Of course I'll be in the same underpaid boat with you, but at least I didn't vote to keep myself there by voting for Obama.


Live free or Die said...

Hi Willow,
I love your comment "But at least I didn't vote to keep myself there by voting for Obama" Oh yes indeed. Change? What change?

Anonymous said...

As a woman I voted to protect a woman's right to choose, something Palin doesn't believe in. I voted for equal pay for equal work, something that John McCain voted against. You call the president elect a Socialist which leads me to believe you don't know what socialism is. Women overwhelmingly voted for Obama because he was the only candidate that would protect our right to choose and bring about pay equity.
You are terribly ill informed if you think McCain is for women. What will you do when you see that Obama champions women's rights? Will you admit you were wrong and apologize to the women you now hold in such disdain?

Willow said...

Since Obama didn't pay his woman staffers at the same rate as men, your criticism about equal pay is specious.

There are far more important issues for Feminists than abortion, which has been used to control us, not to advance us. The larger issue is getting women elected to represent us. Fourth Wave feminism will be about uniting women on issues we agree upon, instead of marginalizing feminism as all about abortion.

Thanks for your response. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Women have proven that they are their own worst enemies...voting for a socialist and dishonorable man for TWO REASONS, abortion and internal misogyny. Can you not look and see other great reasons to vote for a Women's rights activist, like Palin? She has burst on the scene and redefined feminism in terms of what most of us women feel; that you don't have to be a man-hating, uterus defining, anti-baby, Thelma-Louise bra burner to be a FEMINIST in the year 2008. I have never fit in with those types of women and I thank God every day for the introduction of Sarah Palin. I ask my fellow women...why do we have to have CANKLES to be ligitimized as a professional woman? Why can't a woman be gorgeous, happily married with a lot of kids, conservative beliefs, a rise to power from the ground up and respected by her fellow women TOO. Are we that petty and jealous that we can't support her? I know as a woman, I support her COMPLETELY and I wish all other women would come on board and be united. We will need to support each other when we try to clean up the mess Obama and Biden make of this country.

Cam said...


I’m working with a new national organization that will support Hillary Clinton. I’d like to get in touch with the main blogger for this site. Can you please email me at cam4hillary@gmail.com?

Thanks and Go Hillary!

-- Cam