Friday, December 19, 2008

HIllary Speaks Out

Hillary Clinton has asked her supporters to stop trashing Caroline Kennedy. Perhaps that is because she had been roasted over the same media and internet fire that was scorching Caroline, and that seems to burn constantly, waiting for the next woman to get out of line.

I am appalled at some of the people in line to throw wood on that fire. Many are PUMAs who decried the harsh treatment Senator Clinton received. But they see no problem now with doing the same thing to Caroline Kennedy.

Women in politics need to be encouraged and their numbers need to grow. It is very basic.

While it would be nice to think we are in a place where we can pick and choose, that is not where we are. Women make up the majority of the population but there makeup of Congress is only 16% female. That is a HUGE discrepancy. Women, stop standing in the way of your sisters. Clear the path for them instead. When we get PROPER NUMERICAL REPRESENTATION, then we can look more closely at merit. I'd love to be choosing between two women, as is the case for men wanting political appointments.

But that is not where we are. We need to get equality first. As a New Yorker, I am game to give Caroline a chance. I was game to give Hillary a chance and she proved to be the best senator we've ever had.


Anonymous said...

Caroline backstabbed Hillary by endorsing Obama in the primaries. By your quote in the sidebar, a special place in hell is reserved for Caroline who did not support Hillary.

Caroline does not deserve our support 'as a woman' since she did not give that to Hillary.' Some other available candidates did support Hillary so will presumably carry on her work.

Biden gets to choose his replacement; so does Ted Kennedy; so may Obama. Hillary should choose hers also, or at least it should be someone who supported her such as Cuomo or Maloney. Iirc there are other women interested who are more qualified than Caroline. Why not support THEM 'as women' instead of the backstabber?

From PumaResponders

Shtuey said...

One of the notions being offered by PUMAs is the 30% solution; that we should be putting women in elected office, regardless of who they are, or their politics, because once legislatures reach that threshold they become more sensitive to women's issues, and more pro-female legislation gets enacted.

Looks like Caroline Kennedy may prove to be the first test as to who will be putting their money where their mouth is on this issue.

Yes, she betrayed Hillary blah blah blah...

My biggest problem with Kennedy is that she shouldn't be in the running. There are far more qualified women serving the State of New York, like Carolyn Maloney, who would be far more effective. But as you say, who knows what Kennedy would produce as a Senator? One thing's for sure...she's no Hillary Clinton.

I think what stings for PUMAs is this smacks of more nepotism, and the same Kennedy legacy crap we had to deal with vis a vis Ted and Bambi. But, as with virtually everything in this election cycle, this isn't really up to us. It's up to the power brokers dolling out the Benjamins. I wonder when people are going to wise up and get that.

I am bothered by the CK bashing that's going on among PUMAs. I keep hearing how women shouldn't be cracking on women...I suppose Kennedy, and other Bambi supporters are going to be the exception to that rule.

Word to the wise PUMA, nothing invalidates a movement more than its own hypocrisy.

aliathena said...

Because of the diversity and loose leadership of the PUMA movement, one size does not fit all so there is no single PUMA view on this. I got the impression that they not opposed CK but backed other women candidates but perhaps they have not made it clear enough.

I agree with the premise of the post that women should not stand in the way of women and so some of the leaders within PUMA should make it more clear that if they do object to Caroline Kennedy it is because of the reasons that Shtuey posted above, there are MORE QUALIFIED Women.

aliathena said...

(correction - delete the first 'not' from the second sentence!)

aliathena said...

- of the second paragraph haha

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