Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Official

Hillary Clinton has been nominated to serve the U.S. as Secretary of State, pending confirmation. Now, just how many roadblocks will the progressives, liberals, and Republicans throw up to try to derail this nomination? Will the "faithful" get behind Obama's choice, deciding that if The One wants her, well maybe she isn't the devil incarnate that Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and yes, The One, made her out to be. Maybe he really didn't mean to flip her off that time after all, and really was scratching his cheek...

She is an excellent choice, and if those suffering from Clinton Derangement Syndrome would be able to see past their blood lust for tearing her down, they might realize that she is the right pick, the smart pick, and the best pick.

Of course some of the Obots have been circulating stories of how she isn't qualified under the Constitution because of a raise the Senate gave itself, but others have gotten around that in the past, and if Obama wants this to be done for her, it will be done. After all, if he can get away with refusing to release his official birth certificate to alleviate the concerns about his own citizenship, he can certainly make his minions disappear any obstacles to Clinton serving.

Also worth reading - and an opinion I share that Clinton wanted this and Obama promised it back when she suspended her campaign in June...

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