Friday, December 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston, masturbation material

With women calling attention to the dangerous attitudes of men like Obama speech writer Jon Fabrreau, there are always others who demonstrate why we don't get taken seriously.

If a famous actress will pose buck naked in GQ, what the heck are all those Puritanical feminists whining about? Thanks a lot, Jen, for setting us back another 10 years. How can we impress upon people why Favreau's hand on the breast of a picture of Hillary Clinton is sexist, when you gladly shuck down to skin?

Following in the dubious bare foot prints of other women, Jennifer Aniston, inexplicably, poses wearing only a tie, for GQ magazine. My question is, why?? What do her bare breasts have to do with anything about her life and career?

Does she realize why men want nude photos in their magazines? It isn't to comment on the photo technique. It is masturbation material, plain and simple.

How far she has fallen. From one of the most famous and respected actresses of a few short years ago, to shucking her clothes for money and attention.

Is this supposed to bring viewers to her new movie, "Marley and Me?"

This "story" got listed in top headlines on CNN. This is news?

Check out the two salivating guys on CNN entertainment. To quote one of them "don't even show me. Just put up the full screen of Jen while I am talking."

They aren't praising her acting ability...

And to lend credence to this flesh fest, there is also onscreen the obligatory woman, to show us that, hey it's really okay to ogle a naked woman and put it on CNN news. Her job on the show is to talk about how Jen is also "baring all" in her emotional life, like posing buck naked is somehow healing and empowering.



Alessandro Machi said...

The "Notorious" Jennifer Anniston.

Alessandro Machi said...

Here is the direct link that ties in to exactly what you are talking about.

Prairie Star said...
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Prairie Star said...

Ya know, I've always loved Jennifer for being strong, going her own way and, yes, beautiful.

Ever since I first heard about it, something about these photos has bothered and saddened me in a deep way. Watching men oogle over her at CNN and in other places has had me very uncomfortable and yet, as she lays there naked with and draped over men, why wouldn't they see this as an invitation to do just that?

Your words helped me to understand more about why this bothers me so much. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful indeed.

The even more disgusting thing about the cover is the way its done in red white & blue with USA! USA! all over the page. The not-so-subtle message: "This is the all-American representation of womanhood"
Makes me sick. This stupid bimbo probably doesn't even realize she's being used to degrade the image of the American woman
- or maybe she is so desperate for attention that she happily sold us all out. Either way, she's a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

ok retro guys, sorry to hate, but screw your judgemental ways - she may be doing something "immoral" but she isn't contradicting herself, you hypocritical ass-holes. She didn't sell herself out - humans are sexual beings, she is having fun (aka expirementing in life - we all make mistakes you dicks) and is exploring herself as a person. Maybe you should try something like that you Puritanical Hawthorne's. Go shove off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!