Thursday, December 4, 2008

Karma Police Part 2

From Heidi Li's Potpourri, retaining her emphases.

Now that Hillary Clinton's senate seat will be open, NARAL, who stunningly and stupidly did not endorse her during the primary season, but endorsed Obama who has no track record on women's reproductive rights is whining in the "Albany Times Union":

"We must ask what it truly means to replace Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"It means replacing the woman who nearly single-handedly ended the Food and Drug Administration's foot-dragging on approving emergency contraception for over-the-counter access. Clinton's strategy of stalling a confirmation until the FDA made a decision ensured that women were more easily able to access this important method of back-up birth control.

"It means replacing the woman who joined her fellow New York Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer to oppose the administration's plan to reduce federal reimbursements to health clinics (including family planning clinics, substance abuse counseling and mental health clinics). The predicted loss of $350 million in funds to our state would be devastating to health care providers and the more than 400,000 New Yorkers, many of them low-income, who rely on them.

"It means replacing the woman who joined her colleague Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., to introduce the "Protecting Patients and Health Care Act," legislation that would that would block the Department of Health and Human Services from passing a bill limiting patients' access to basic reproductive health care service. Clinton and Murray have been leading the opposition to this misguided legislation since July, when rumors of the bill first began.

"It means replacing the woman who has not only been a staunch ally on health care issues, but also a sponsor of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This legislation would've helped close the pay gap and end the inequities that have shortchanged women and families for far too long.

"It means replacing the woman who cosponsored legislation to repeal the global gag rule, to end funding for abstinence-only education and fund comprehensive sexuality education, to expand contraceptive access, and to codify the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade ruling in federal law.

Simply put, there is no other senator who has shown such commitment, dedication and leadership when it has come to standing up for women's health and rights.

Let me repeat that last:

"Simply put, there is no other senator who has shown such commitment, dedication and leadership when it comes to standing up for women's health and rights.

But NARAL didn't endorse Hillary Clinton. They endorsed rookie Senator Barak Obama. And that is why they have NO CREDIBILTY today.


Anonymous said...

NARAL has no credibility? Because they endorsed someone besides the one you wanted? Are you as upset about Palin and McCains abortion stance? Or does it only matter when it's Obama?

Caroline Kennedy would be a great replacement. Or maybe Sarah Palin could move to New York and be the Senator....except that little detail about her not being pro-choice.

Willow said...

Abortion is not my litmus test because it is a non-issue, used to control womens votes. Last I checked it was the law of the land and no president or VP can overturn that. Where NARAL squandered their credibility is dropping the support they'd had for Hillary, who in this op-ed, the NARAL director claims has done more for womens health rights than any other senator, including Barack Obama. So why did they support him? That is how you lose your credibility, by saying one thing and doing another. Thanks for commenting!