Thursday, December 4, 2008

Karma's My Kind of Bitch!

On January 8, 2008, Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary. That was the first time in U.S. history that a woman had won a primary.

Two days later, John Kerry, the Democratic nominee in 2004, was endorsing the loser.

That was the first of the calculated slaps I witnessed over the course of the primary season. Every time Hillary won a primary, some man in the party - Kerry, Richardson, Edwards, etc. - immediately got in front of the cameras to endorse Obama.

Now Kerry is on the outside looking in, as he is passed over for any meaningful role in the Obama administration.

Another karma victim, Richardson, who coveted the Secretary of State job has been given Secreetary of Commerce instead. Name me ONE Secretary of Commerce... 'nuff said.

And we all know what karma did for Edwards when his inability to be faithful to his dying wife finally broke, via the National Enquirer.

Hillary remained faithful to the Party. She campaigned vigorously for Obama, convincing many of her supporters to vote for him. She didn't stab anyone in the back. And now she has the second most visible job in the new administration.

And Biden remains gagged, keeping his good suit pressed for the first state funeral where he will get to be photographed in a crowd shot with other representatives of governments who didn't hold the departed in enough esteem for the president to go himself.

Karma is my kind of bitch!


Anonymous said...

Karma is awesome and the Karma Police spoke on November 4th! All that lying about Obama, the lies about him "paling around with terrorists", the lies about his birth not being in Hawaii, the lies about him not getting the majority of votes over Hillary...yep, Karma rules...all the liars now have to suck eggs because they lost!!!!!

Gotta love Karma

Willow said...

Keep drinking that kool-aid and pretending the caucus fraud didn't happen and that she didn't kick his ass in all the primaries. And thank the Republican base for staying home because if they had supported their party, things would be different. PEBO has his chance to show us he is more than a good speech reader. For our sake, I hope he is. Thanks for commenting!