Friday, December 5, 2008

The Obama Resistance

I started reading "The Resistance: Hard-Core Obama Haters", thinking it was going to be another condemnation of the PUMA movement, another come-to-Jesus that every human on the planet should be so in love with PEBO.

Instead it is about the 30% of Americans who make up - get this language - "an ugly fringe festival on the web, cultivating the wounds of the 2008 campaign".

There's more:

"This is the Obama resistance. They are the hardcore haters, the unhinged, the paranoid—firing their shots from the outer-reaches of American politics and strafing the common sense center."

Wow! If common sense resides in the Center, who are these ugly fringers?

Would you believe, Leftie liberals lead the list! In fact, the writer names the home of some of these unhappy campers - the Daily Kos!

Some of the unhinged 30% are also "wingnuts on the right" - code for Republicans, I think...

The folks at, who are registering Obama resisters are described as "decidedly more respectful but no less strident", and are patted on the head and labelled "quaint".

The upshot is that anyone who won't get on board the Obama express is a hater. They could not possibly have any valid, real world, thoughtful, truth-based reasons for why they aren't so in love with PEBO.

Haters to the Left of us. Haters to the Right. Here we are, stuck in the Middle.. and getting strafed!

Sigh... I keep waiting for the day when sanity returns to this planet and those with different views do not have to put up with being called wingnuts and haters. I have never seen such sore winners in my life! They can't be happy with a victory. They insist that EVERYONE join them, and anyone who says "no thanks" is trashed as some kind of psychopath or sociopath.

Sore winners. Poor winners. Turn your attention on worshiping The One and leave those of us who see through the wizard's curtain to wait for the karmic Toto to pull it aside and reveal to even the most ardent PEBO fan, the mortal man behind.


Anonymous said...

Hey, but you don't hate him blindly, but only because he’s communist, elitist, terrorist, Muslim, radical black Christian, misogyny, idiot, puppet of corporations, conspirator, inexperienced, empty suit, illegal immigrant, slayer of the Constitution and such, right? Jeez…

Anonymous said...

I don't hate him at all. He was not my choice and I think the expectations of the Faithful are insanely high. It concerns me that those who did not vote for him are still being called haters and racists, when truth is I see him as just another politician, not a savior. But if he does deliver a shift to Eutopia, hey, I'll be as happy as anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Just who, exactly, are the "they" you are referring to? I'm very happy with "PEBO" and am just relieved we didn't get that cranky old war-monger or the pitbull with lipstick in the White House. 8 years of never ending embarrassment is enough! Wailin' Palin was no Hillary Clinton! I hope they run her in 2012, it'll be a sure bet for Democrats again!

Willow said...

Wow, thanks for making the case for me that Obama supporters are poor winners, by slamming McCain and Palin with derogatory terms... You might want to check the news and realize that your guy won, he's met with McCain to find ways to work together, appointed Clinton as his SoS, and is getting about the business of trying to unite the country. Perhaps folks like you will stop refighting the election and join in that effort one day. Good luck!