Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A PUMA Christmas

In a holiday letter, one of those newsy “this is what we did all year” things, a friend gave thanks that we now have a president coming who “really cares about people”.

I found that stunning. Does she think that Bush doesn’t care about people? Or that Clinton didn’t care about people? Or Bush Sr.? Reagan? Carter?

What I want for Christmas is for sanity to return to the Obama faithful. Obama is just a man, not the Savior, not someone special, different, or transcendent. Yet the expectations are beyond high - they are over the freakin’ top.

Until they can talk about him in something other than hushed and reverent tones, or strident assertions of his unique and dazzling (fill in the blank), the real problems we face can’t be addressed. They are so sure that by the end of his first day in office he will have rolled back the tide of economic disaster, unemployment, diminished stature in the world, and the escalating consequences of two wars of invasion.

As David Axelrod warned us, "change is coming". For those of us who've witnessed the Obama brand of change, this is not exactly cause for celebration..

I don’t share their confidence, yet I do hope Obama cares about regular Americans and looks out for our interests rather than the interests of Wall Street and Big Business that financed his campaign. Unfortunately, I’ve seen little evidence that he does. I’ve heard words. I’ve seen slogans and photo-ops. Only time will tell whether my starry-eyed friend knows something I don’t.

Merry Christmas to all of us in PUMA-land. May the holiday season shine light upon the joy in your life and bring you peace.


turndownobama said...

My opinion of Obama's character -- shouldn't be said on Christmas!

However 'his' Cabinet choices give me hope that his puppet strings are now being pulled by some GOOD people who DO care. The Clintons, their old Treasury staff (esp. Summers), even Betty Currie and the old white house cat are back. :-)

truthisgold said...

Oh DOES one respond civilly to such an obtuse observation??! I have seen NOTHING to indicate that Obama cares anything about anyone besides himself. It is terribly difficult to understand where anyone would get such an idea and it is difficult to hear that kind of inane comment without lapsing into a rant, but since that accomplishes nothing positive and merely engenders negative energy I shall attempt to refrain from further comment...

I wish that I was not so cynical--that I could believe in his desire to "do good"--but I am now at the point where I am hoping that, like the Huey Longs of this world, the Resident-Reject's Cabinet choices will somehow be beneficial to the country in spite of himself. The fact that over 60% of his campaign donors were from Wall Street does not bode well for us, however, especially in view of the present economic meltdown they created.

We will just have to wait and see, and hope that the old "Maybe good news...maybe bad..." will keep our country from complete and utter meltdown.