Friday, December 5, 2008

Supreme Court Decides Today...

...whether to hear attorney Leo Donofrio's case, to require Barack Obama to provide the vault copy of his birth certificate to prove he is eligible, under the U.S. Constitution, to serve as president. That Obama refuses to do this fuels the controversy. He is spending thousands of dollars to battle the multiple law suits aimed at answering this very simple question.

Why is that? What does he have to hide? If he is indeed a natural born citizen, why has he refused to prove it? John McCain produced his birth documents and settled the question about his citizenship when they arose.

Obama has produced a certificate of live birth, which we now know merely is a statement that a live birth occurred, even if that birth was in another country. It is NOT a birth certificate. It is NOT proof of citizenship.

With inauguration in just over a month, this question needs to be resolved or it will dog his presidency every day. How can he take an oath to protect the Constitution when he refuses to provide unrefutable proof that he is qualified under It's terms to lead us?

Hell, I can put my hands on my legal birth certificate right now and show anyone who asked where I was born and when! This is not a difficult or unreasonable request, and his stonewalling on the question is foolish and dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think the F.B.I. would have found out? Or the C.I.A. if he hadn't been born in the USA? Geez....think about it. The State of Hawaii has said it is absolutely true that he was born there. You say he won't produce a birth certificate? It's a PUBLIC record. Want to see it?

Knock yourself out. I can't believe anyone still believes this crap!

Willow said...

Actually, the state of Hawaii says they certify they have a birth certificate for him. They did not certify what it said. He could end all this by simply showing it. Not that COLB which is NOT a legal document proving birth. Not even the state of Hawaii accepts those as proof of citizenship. But he doesn't. He spends hundreds of thousands on attorneys instead. Lots a smoke for no fire...