Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vampires Jump the Shark

I would never let a teen of mine read this book. The idea of a human and a vampire having sex is disturbing enough. For her to become pregnant jumped the shark. How does sperm stay viable in a decades dead vampire? Never mind the creepy mental images of, well, you can imagine... The pregnancy descriptions were revolting. But far worse were the descriptions of Bella's bones and spine being broken from within by her monster baby. That gave me nightmares.

The appeal of the series was the interplay of human and vampire. I'd hoped Meyer would keep Bella human, would give her a reason not to denounce life. But oh no, we get vampire Bella. Are we supposed to be happy for her? And mama vampire Bella with the monster baby that, once it is done killing her, everybody loves. Isn't it cute how it drinks human blood from a cup? Yikes!

Jacob's voice as narrator was awful. The story wandered into crazy territory. When Jacob imprints on the monster baby, there was nothing credible left of the first three books.

And of course, Bella is the most powerful vampire of all, even at six months old.

I finished the book but I'm advising friends to stop after book 3. There is nothing in "Breaking Dawn" that merits the time it takes to plough through such a long and unsatisfying book.

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Edgeoforever said...

Lame books anyway.
Much better stuff on TV - True Blood on HBO, Angel and even the Rice novels. Vampires didn't jump the shark, only that lameo series did.