Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It may seem odd, at first glance, for a registered Democrat to be relieved that hopes for a Democractic supermajority were crushed when Chambliss won the re-election runoff in Georgia yesterday.

But the Democratic Party has not demonstrated in years that they have the will or the wisdom to be given fillibuster-proof control of this government. When they won a majority in Congress 2 yeas ago, they continued to side with Bush and the Republicans. Not once did Pelosi and Reid stand up and do what that majority was elected to do.

Now, with so much of the country still drunk on hope and change, and seemingly oblivious to their leaders abrupt - and permanent - shift to the center, they cannot be trusted not to press their representatives for irresponsible social programs or for hasty endings of our involvement in Bush's wars of occupation which we are now honor bound to bring to some kind of sane conclusion.

These are the folks that flocked to D.C. to give away trillions of dollars we do not have to irresponsible bankers who squeezed every dime of profit out of the credit markets then handed off their bad debt to the American taxpayer.

These are the same people who continue to collude with Bush, inserting government into business in a way that has never happened before, to prop up companies who should have been allowed to fold and die, again with treasury money we do not have.

Our government is already neck deep in the dangerous game consumers played with credit card debt and mortages they can't afford, that got the rest of us into this problem in the first place. Our government is taking on bad debt after bad debt, and foolishly paying off people who have already gotten rich out of creating this financial crisis.

Guess who the majority is in Congress? Democrats. The Democrats running the Party right now can't be trusted. Their actions demonstrate that, from the corruption of their own primaries to elevating a rookie senator and failed academic to the most powerful job in the world.

Our Founders envisioned a system of checks and balances, and that is as important today as it was in the 1700s. Democrats, like me, who see the corruption and waste find ourselves in the awkward position of hoping the GOP can be that check and balance.

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