Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why I'm Okay with Caroline Kennedy...

...taking Hillary Clinton's senate seat.

First, those who are gnashing their teeth over the possibility need to realize that if Paterson has asked her, it's her's if she wants it. Uncle Teddy has made it clear that the Kennedy money machine is ready to finance her in 2010 and 2012.

There is indeed a stark reality that better qualified women, as well as men (who I don't believe should be considered for this seat) would be skipped over. But that's politics and any one of them can start running now for the special election in 2010.

It must be tempting for Caroline. This is her Uncle Bobby's old seat. Hillary Clinton's seat. She could have it, without the drama and work of waging a campaign, and find out if she really likes the work without having to go to far outside her comfort zone. Hell, I'd consider it, very seriously consider it, if it was offered to me!

And there is the old idea that when asked to serve one's country, the correct response is "yes".

We've got a president-elect with 143 days of actual Senate experience, so in this climate, political experience isn't a deal-breaker. It never really has been. It's who you know and who you are. She is a Kennedy, the last surviving member of JFK's family. She could hold the seat until 2010, and not run for election. New York would lose nothing if that is what happened. And if she does run, then it will be on her to win it on her own merits, like her predecessor did.

Remember, when Hillary decided to run for senator from New York, there were outcries of how wrong that was. People were outraged. She just moved here because the polls said she could win. Yada yada. Well, she's done a fine job as our Senator. I am willing to give Caroline Kennedy the benefit of the doubt that for however long she might serve, she would do her best as well. She strikes me as a serious person, and although she supported Obama, many people did. We can't oppose them all "just because".

Is this payback for her support of Obama? Perhaps. And that too is reality. Do not think for a moment that Hillary won't make clear who she wants to succeed her, or that Paterson isn't listening to her, because he would, probably rightly, assume what Hillary says has the blessing of PEBO.

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1950 Democrat said...

Ouch. In addition to everything else Hillary has given Obama, she is supposed to let him decide who she should request to have her old seat??!!??

Isn't Biden getting to choose his own successor, his aide? And Ted Kennedy trying to choose his own successor (his wife?).