Friday, January 16, 2009

Bursting the Bubble on Obama's Fake Feminist Creds

Naomi Wolf made a fool of herself on CNN, proclaiming "mission accomplished" for feminism! Why? Because, according to her, women have worked for a century to "get the ear of a powerful man" and she thinks we have finally done it. Ooooooo.... A man to save us!

Don't ALL WOMEN know that's the solution? The knight in shining armor. Swoon, swoon...

Just as Bush was dead wrong when he proclaimed victory, Naomi is delusional as well.

As she acted out her crush on The One,complete with hair tossing and squealing, she made a preposterous statement that The New Agenda was being paid for by Right Wing money. To quote Naomi, "helllooooo?"

The New Agenda was founded by women and one of those, Violet Socks, on her blog Reclusive Leftist",lays out what Obama has actually said and done toward women. Keep this handy for when your Obama obsessed friends try to tell you what a friend of feminism he really is, Sweetie!

And that was all before the election. His record since then has been no better:

  • He appointed half as many women to his Cabinet as the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton.
  • He installed Larry Summers as his chief economic advisor — the same Larry Summers who notoriously (and inaccurately) asserted that intrinsic intellectual inferiority, not discrimination, is what’s holding women back.
  • He condoned the sexist prank of his chief speechwriter, Jon Favreau, who groped a cardboard cutout of Senator Clinton while his buddy mimed forcing a drink down her throat.
  • He invited Rick Warren to preside over his Inaugural — a pastor who preaches that wives must submit to their husbands, and that even physical abuse is no excuse for a woman to leave her husband.
Let me add to that list:

1. He called a professional journalist "Sweetie".
2. He flipped Hillary Clinton off to the cheers of the crowed
3. His "lipstick on a pig" comment about Sarah Palin

Are the ones that come to mind and I'll add to the list as I recall more.

If Obama is a Feminist, I'm a Republican!

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