Thursday, January 1, 2009

Full Tilt Poker Rip Off

Most everyone knows that online poker is corrupt. With so many players using third party software to get hand histories on their opponents, the robots that litter the tables there, and software that is anything but random, a recreational player looking to win with skill stands no chance at FTP.

This past weekend has been pocket aces bonanaza weekend. I just played in five tournaments, and got busted with AA all but one time. And I watched other players busted with AA over and over. No way does that hand come up that often in real life. But on FTP, there seems to be an intricate software programming that delivers big hands to multiple people at the same table. If you have pocket Kings, be ready to lay them down because someone will have pocket aces. I've seen it too many times for it to be just a coincidence.

If you play tight and wait for big hands, changes are these will be undercut by the software serving up unlikely sets and four-cards-to-a-straight-or-flush to crack the best hand. People push with bad cards and "magically" get exactly what they need to suck out in grand fashion. No one in a live game would risk some many chips on crap hands, but those who know what is coming, do and voila - new chip leader and the good player who played their cards correctly is busted. There is a definite pattern to how the cards are dealt there.

People wonder if there is some kind of tracker of individuals that puts them on different tracks. One day you get to win. Then you get second best hands the next. I've played in multiple tournaments and had the same hand at the same time in several of them, and that happens more often than not. That just doesn't happen in live play.

All the skill in the word can't overcome having software repeatedly dealing up hands that confound what is suppose to mimic the randomness of cards dealt by a dealer. Sure, there are bad beats and suck outs in live poker, but not at the astonishing rate seen at FTP.

This has been the subject of conversation at the tables for quite some time. Players are comparing experiences and a pattern is obvious. Most everyone who talks candidly about this acknowledges that the virtual deck is stacked against us, and if you are playing for anything but a little fun and the occasional lucky win, you are in for a huge disappointment. The only ones making money at FTP are the pros who own it.

So why do I play there? Because I like poker and there is no place else to play. But I gave up long ago expecting fair play and clean games. It can't be found online any more. It used to be, when I started playing years ago.

When Bush signed his midnight ban to make it difficult for Americans to pay to play poker, poker companies moved offshore, and now the games are rift with cheating. It continues to degrade, and everyone knows how corrupt online poker is so that any attempt to get the government to repeal the UIGEA will fail because there is no integrity in the online game as it stands today.

Poker is an American game that is now owned by players from other countries whose governments don't treat them like imbecile children. The big money and major tournaments are being played outside the U.S. And those who think that just because Obama used to play poker that he'll be more open to rescinding the UIGEA, put the kool-aid down and get real.


Anonymous said...

I have tried my best to not get frustrated with the cards on full tilt. In general I am an optimist and I try not to be too cynical but the things that have happened to me on full tilt and the things that I have seen happen to other people are only explainable to me by card manipulation (an easy thing to do in the digital realm). I play a lot of live games and I see bad beats. I see aces get cracked. I see runner runner on the turn and river. I see it all but not even close to haw often I see it on full tilt. I see more river beats then i ever thought possible. I don't know why this is the case I only know that it is. I have found no logical reason why full tilt would do this other then their taking the pots themselves (they are the players that are winning). Like I said...I try not to be a cynic but I just see the improbable happen all of the time. If someone has an explanation for this please let me know. I like to play hold'em but I can't take what appears to me to be blatant card manipulation any more.

H4RD said...

Same here, i started doing some research about Full Tilt, after losing hand after hand with top pairs on the ... river. Alywas the river, never the turn. It made me suspicious, in a manner that i don't trust FTP anymore. I lost wit pocket A once too often (4 out of 5!!). I learned my lesson and will continu poker with my buddys IRL.
Quit while you are ahead!

Anonymous said...

I have been playing on FTP for a couple weeks now, and have noticed that everytime I have a pocket pair or even Ace King suited at least 3 people at the table have amazing hands as well. Not only that, but I have been called ALL-IN many a times with pocket Aces or Kings and have been beaten 90% of the time by something along the lines of 2 5 off suited..... this software is garbage.

Anonymous said...

Something needs to be done about FTP, but what? Can't touch those SOBs. All we can do is play on honest sites or with real people.

Anonymous said...

Totally true, its so sad how these sites work! I play to on fulltilt, if I posted my handhistory you would be amazed. Really only a crap, crap and more crap, cant win a decent hand. This should be stopped its terrible and its a shame to called this poker. I don't understand that they can sick people like that? You should think they make enough money on these sites. FULL TILT you should be a shamed for being such a crapsite!!!!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this feeling on other forumsites you always have the morans ho say it isnt true, they probebly get paid to say that ;-)

Anonymous said...

I play on full tilt and I also totally believe it is corrupt...about 5 mins ago i had AA cacked by KK about 5 spots before the money in a 90 player mtt...I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for more honest sites? maybe poker stars or Ultimate Bet??

Anonymous said...

Dont bother with Pokerstars, its just the same scam all over again. Sick of good hands being beaten by some all in crappy hands (ie: 2 &5)played even before the flop to get beaten by a straight etc. It happens way tooo often. The owners of these sites are just
scammers and crims. I say "UP YOURS" POKERSTARS AND FULLTILT>>>>

shorey9atm said...

fulltilt is indeed a rip off! after playing somany comps and tournys i noticed theres ALOT of pocket aces when i have a flush or the best hand and best chances! this has happened to me at least 12 times in the past 3 days and now being $1200 in the hole im starting to search for others with the same prob. since when does pocket aces come up this often? im dam good at poker and out of the 1200 iv spent on fulltilt poker iv never not once got ahead. weird!?!?!? i hope they get caught for scaming people so i can sue the F*#K OUT OF THEM!!!! any one else have this prob?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mate: Isnt it odd how often aces come up (there seems to be twice as many aces as any other cards). Its all a fake money making racket and I hope all the crims get a bullet in their heads by some angry player (what goes around comes around)..I had a play money only account with Pokerstars (2.5MIllion) and they cancelled it
for a lame reason that (I transferred heaps of chips to other not so lucky players). So stick it up your ass POKERstar turds..........

Anonymous said...

Its really incredible to see how similar Full tilt and Pokerstars are. Its almost a regular occurrence for me that i get ridiculous sickest bad beats. I had soo many pocket aces kings queens cracked.I thought they had a higher percentage of winning. One thing I've noticed on both sites is early on in sng tournaments, u always see AA vs KK or some other monster hands. At the later stages the big stack can always call with any two cards and win even if u have AA. Whenever there's a three way all in pot the big stack almost always manages to find a way to win, its really baffling. Also whenever I get KK, almost 90% of the time an Ace hits the flop. I don't mind bad beats because its part and parcel of the game but when u keep getting them time and time again u begin to wonder why.One thing i hear from people who dont believe sites are rigged is because they say in the online game u get to see more hands so there would be more bad beats, well how about in an online game u get to see more hands soo there should also be hands which are favourite actually holding for once.

warrbubble said...

Full tilt is with Pokerstars indeed the sickest sites. Its amazing you cant win a hand because the morans getting paid with there crapcards. I dont understand these pokersits getting away with this crap, you should think they earn enough to be fair. Its a scam to ripoff people like that. only thing I can say ... Never pay a dime to these sites

Anonymous said...

the fact that you leave these claims posted here without any math or stats to back you up besides "I've played 5 tournys today." retarded comment. I am a winning online player, furthermore I do not use any 3rd party software to gain a more then public edge in games. Its called not searching porn while I play.

the game is beatable. dont listen to this idiot.

Anonymous said...

First, calling somebody an idiot only shows your ignorance and takes away any validity your statement may have had. Second, I would guess you probably work for FTP.

I played poker all day for a few months on FTP, yes I had the time and was bored. FTP is a total ripoff. Not every hand is a scam, but the amount of flush flops and multiple pocket pairs is truly a dishonest representation of a shuffled deck.

I am getting off of the site, at least for cash, nothing wrong with playing for play chips, better than Freecell.

You will never see 100 FTP hands in 1,000 hands at a casino. It is a lie, a rip off, and a complete scam.

The poker players who have their faces on the site should beware. People have been ripped off on a large scale and they are looking for some payback. I am not one of those people but if you do some research you will find a lot of people are very angry...GL all

Anonymous said...

You are right all these offshore headquartered poker site are a ripoff. You don't know who your playing with. Just some cartoon or chair or picture with some name. Or with Ultimate Bet you will get a location like Bulgaria.

I have steadily searched on line for a legitimate site, testing and trying others Pokerstars, Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet are all Junk.

There is an article at the American Chronicle titled, "Does Ultimate Bet Support Cheating" It points out that they have already been caught and show poker stats of certain players that never lose and one such player that made 200,000 in a year and two months.

I had to sit out of a full tilt tourney for awhile and when I came back there was one player going all in everytime and every other player would fold. When I hit replay I saw that every other player was list as sitting out. If anyone wants the screen shots for this tourney I will send them to you.

The only suckers in Poker are the ones that play online. It's a ripoff. The sites have their own players and you can't prove they don't. And even if you could you couldnt do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

After two days full of the sickest beats - all in with KK and 8s hit on the river, all in with AA and K 10 calls to hit the straight, all in with pocket 3s and 2 5 off calls and hits a straight... I decided to look on the internet to see if I am the only one. Obviously not - the past two days have been incredulous with beyond bad beats. How is it possible to finish 11th out of 46000 and not be able to money in a 90 SNG???? I dropped from $24 right down to $3 and it does not matter. The sick calls and pay offs for those calls are rampant in FT.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that full tilt is completely corrupt. I used to win on this site consistantly for months. Then they put somekind of filter on my cards i get rags all game then i get set up with a huge hand and lose. This has been going on for months, Tonight i played with the last of my bank roll. I had ten dollars, In the first one dollar match i played i got set up with kings against poc threes all in preflop he flopped a three, The very next game i played a few hands in i had poc tens and flopped a ten for the nuts, Some guy went all in with middle pair and he runnered the flush, The next 8 or so games were kind of blurry and filled with bad beats , So finnally i have my very last dollar on the tables , i made it to the buble with just one person to get out befor the money ,This big donk stack raised preflop i pushed all in with pocket aces she calls with ace 8 off suite, The board puts four of the same suit out there and she wins , I was so phuking bummed it was my last dollar, Then get this the very next hand she ships all in again with ace jack of diamonds another stack calls her preflop with ace king spades she flops the nut flush! I looked up her stats and get this, she was a new player that had only play 20 or so games, This is so typical on full tilt they are always trying to draw in the new customers so they rig it for these guys to win a few . I also have been rigged to win many tournys on full tilt, All game long i flop sets and get ace kings over and over that won. It was completely rigged for me to have an advantage, but its like full tilt cut me off completely and wont let me win one game for the past months, I guess they didnt like the fact that i was cashing out so they phuked me. FULL TILT POKER= RIGGED SET UP RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR, phuk u howard lederer and phuk u too chris ferguson , i know your the genius that designed this software to speed up games and make you all more money.FT is so corrupt

Steve said...

ditto pretty much every experience on this forum..I had strong feeling both FTP & PStars were corrupt because of the frequency I was getting "lured" into an 'almost nuts' hand...Last example, Pkt 10's, flop is 3,10,A.. I push AI, he calls w/ AQ.. he hits runner/runner Aces!!! Are you F###ing kidding me??The sad thing is I KNEW IT WAS COMING. My fault for still playing.

Best Poker Listing said...

I am very impressed with this list! Thank you. It's really going to help me out.

Anonymous said...

The scam is imho, that these sites are advertised as "fair, honest and where the pro's play". Bullshit. The pros play in LA, Paris or Barbados, they are merely paid to be advertising rag dolls and wear the stupid FT and PS hats or shirts so everyone thinks that is where it happens. Like fuck it's happening, like fuck. The odds are rigged, the river beats make the flawed system all but obvious and the frustrated gambler pays in again because he or she just can't believe the bad beat...
It's just like the slot machines where pathetic old bags waste their late husband's fortunes because pulling the penile slot machine lever is the most action they will get sexually.
I'm personally not ready to be jerked off by Romanian or Polish mafia organizations and all these Pokersites do is LAUNDER MONEY WITHOUT PENALTY!!! Ahh, light dawns on halfwit peasants..."that's what it's all about? YES MOTHERFUCKA!"

Anonymous said...

i have been playing poker fro 35 years. First in the clubs in new york city. Later in atlantic city and also las vegs. I am a true professional. I never bitch and never make any coments after wining or loosing. It is true that the internet is full of donkeys. But I say at absolute poker is full of scum bags. Not the players ? the site is fucking crooked. I lost apprx 850.00 playing in 10.00 20.00 and some 30.00 tournments. Never had so many 2 outers like 10 in a row. That is not possible. like that fat fuck russ hamilton who would turn you down for a 20.00 bill. The site so i stop payment on 150.00 eft the site calls me emils me and tries to collect the money. They told me they will turn it over to a collection agency. I told the spic in costa rica to go see some cok to his mother. get my drift fuck off you know who i am and whare i live . Want some come get some

Anonymous said...

You have to realize that all of these poker programs, from pokerstars to full tilt to bodog and whatever else are just doorways to 'poker rooms'. That is, these are clients that log into a very small handful (I think two or three) main servers. The only difference between any of the programs that you use is the interface, and whether or not credit card companis/banks have found them and flagged them. All of these programs run the same BS cheating dealer programs. You cannot win playing online.

Really, though, I don't mind that.It's a matter of establishing a real honest to god random card dealing server and client that is not all about cheating its customers. Players would flock there, and everyone would end up getting rich.

Warrbubble said...

I played on fulltilt for 3 years now and I can submit this is a fact. Its almost impossible to win a decent hand ... Not talked about a great hand. When you get aces you are 99,9% beat, its almost a fact when you get this hand ... lay it down!! People who say "You cant play" and "you cant stand to loose" are really crazy. I can show you more than 2GB of handhistory's and if you analise these hands you will notice I lost all the good hands on miracle turns or rivers and sometimes direct on the flop. I will give you a exsample and believe me if I say watch carefully what happens "this happend more than ones at fulltilt you can almost say this is normal":
Dealt to WaRRBuBBLe [Kd Kc]
kmissak1 folds
Luscious Julez folds
Boborovsky folds
joetoh folds
Blazin Aces 01 raises to 1,110, and is all in
WaRRBuBBLe calls 1,110
Sonofmage folds
omnamashivaya folds
RICHMAN13 folds
Blazin Aces 01 shows [5c 5h]
WaRRBuBBLe shows [Kd Kc]
*** FLOP *** [Js Kh 5d]
*** TURN *** [Js Kh 5d] [Td]
*** RIVER *** [Js Kh 5d Td] [5s]
Blazin Aces 01 shows four of a kind, Fives
WaRRBuBBLe shows a full house, Kings full of Fives
Blazin Aces 01 wins the pot (2,310) with four of a kind, Fives
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 2,310 | Rake 0
Board: [Js Kh 5d Td 5s]
Seat 1: Sonofmage (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: omnamashivaya (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 3: RICHMAN13 (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 4: kmissak1 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: Luscious Julez didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: Boborovsky didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: joetoh didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: Blazin Aces 01 showed [5c 5h] and won (2,310) with four of a kind, Fives
Seat 9: WaRRBuBBLe showed [Kd Kc] and lost with a full house, Kings full of Fives

If you play a hand and you have more than 15 outs to hit your hand, you wont hit never, but the moran players who goes all-in with one single out ... he will hit?! Its so sick I can predict witch card will fall to let the moran win... even sicker to be right

If you say "this things can happen" I can say things happen thats true but not every single time!!

Anonymous said...

I've been playing Fulltilt for about year on mid steak games such as 2/4 rush and 5/10 no limit. I've made over $10,000 and initiated deposites over $40,000 last year.

Out of that initiation, only $10,000 has been cleared last year and Full Tilt has not took any more money out of my acct.

I've been carefully watching my bank transaction and e-mail acct to see if something happened and there is no e-mail asking me for deposite issue nor anymore bank transaction. At the same time, I am able to withdrwal all of the money I've deposited and winnings.

I am thinking about closing out my bank account and see what will happen. What do you all think?

shorey9atm said...

Online gambling is illegal in the USA so I was told they can't bounce your account If there's insufutiant funds. Check with others first. I owe them 150.00 and it's been over 4 or 5 months And they still haven't done anything. Kinda weird. Do your self a favor and play on another site. That's why I do and I have better luck then the bullpoop hand they deal out in fulltilt. Far as I'm concerned I think thy are old news like myspace lmao

Anonymous said...

What person with any intelligence whatsoever has enough trust in ANY online poker site to give them money ? I do not understand it. Border line retarded I could. Do you have any idea of the endless ways they can run a scam ? There is such a thing as asking for it. Online poker is begging for it? Send it to a tv preacher, at least he will screw you with a "I love you"

Oliver Drend said...

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Phil Davenport said...

Same old story at ftp.
Just 5 mins ago this hand played out on rush poker.
0.50/$1 6 max.
I raise 3bb with no from the highjack seat. Button 3 bets to $9 and I smooth call. Flop is Kh Oh 5c. I checked and button bets $12. I check raise to $36. Button thinks adds time and calls. Turn comes Ac. At this stage I jam for $95. Button thinks adds time and calls. He shows A 10 off suit. Q on the river sucks my eyes out giving him the nuts.
I'm not claiming to be a poker god but I'm no idiot.
Shut like this is just toooooo common on ftp and it's happened to me many many times.
This site is surely rank with corruption. I suspect when my opponent added time during the hand he was sitting at ftp hq next to a computer operator and making sure the miracle queen was coming on the river.

Phil Davenport said...

Sorry predictive text in above hand. I actually had KK and flopped top set. Read above for river disaster.Sorry.

Anonymous said...

AFter a long time on non-active I started playing again last month. 1st and 2nd day I won about 80% of my hands, just by tactics and patience. The next day, I lost about 90% of the hands I played, without changing tactics. Almost always had the strongest hand, until the river card. Boom! It was so obvious that frustration turned into mere laughter. I couldn't believe FTP was so dumb to be so obvious about their manipulated software. Then it struck me, I couldn't believe I was so dumb continuing playing on FTP. I quit, and my goal now is to take FTP and the entire corrupt online poker scheme down and out. This is going to be fun!