Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hillary's Inauguration

With a performance that was confident, informed, intelligent, articulate, and devastatingly convincing, Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly be confirmed on Thursday as the next Secretary of State.

For those, like me, who were won over by her last year in the primaries, it was bittersweet to watch her handle tough (and some foolish) questions, on subjects ranging from the START treaty to the Middle East to slavery of women and children. No stammering and stuttering over her answers. If she didn't know, she said so and promised an answer within 24 hours. She displayed an impressive marshalling of the facts, presented in cogent terms that were understandable even to those of us who aren't versed in every foreign policy hotspot around the globe.

What might have been... We should be seeing her sworn in as our 44th president next week, if not for caucus fraud by the Obama campaign and DNC dirty tricks. One day, that story will come out, but it won't be now, when a slim majority of Americans are still swooning with joy over the election of a lesser candidate than the one taking on the task of his Secretary of State.

This week belongs to Hillary and her supporters. Next week is for the Obama Faithful. I won't be watching. I will be wearing a black ribbon to symbolize my sadness that such a fraud is ascending to the presidency while the best, most qualified person for the job ends up calling him "Mr. President".

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