Monday, January 19, 2009


Historic? Another man is being inaugurated as president of the U.S. Another rich male lawyer with his own mansion is moving into the White House.

Historic? An obscene $150 MILLION is being spent on Obama's inauguration. That's more than 3 times what was spent on George W's. In fact, Bush had to declare D.C. as in a state of emergency so that $15 million more from FEMA could be wasted on this.

Historic? He's bi-racial, so he's only 50% white instead of 100%.

Historic? He promised change on the campaign trail but his actions since November have been same old/same old.

Historic? His vice president is also a man, another lawyer, with 36 years in politics in D. C.

You footed his bills, rallied votes for him, overlooked fraud, sexism, and his smiling lies, because you believe you know him. You believe he will do what he promised, and that somehow, miraculously, this country will be transformed by this shyster from Chi-town.

He could have made a dramatic act of leadership - tone down the inauguration out of respect for those who are losing their jobs and their homes.

But, he wants you to be able to "see him", and as we learned from his insisting the DNC incur the expense of renting Invesco Field and hiring Brittany Spears stage show producers to build a styrofoam temple of O, Obama wants the biggest audience he can get.

He'll even shell out for free concerts and beer to pack venues like he did in Germany.

I've got a very good book to get me through the "it's SO historic" mania of the next 48 hours. But then, this level of mass hysteria truly may be historic.

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