Saturday, January 10, 2009

Howard Dean OUT

After delivering the Democratic nomination to Obama, by disenfranchising millions of registered voters, turning a blind "I don't watch cable tv" eye to the horrific sexism leveled at a candidate of his own party, overseeing bending and breaking of Party rules, and screwing with the delegate count in Denver, Howard Dean has been shown the door by The One.

Obama has introduced a new DNC chair (I don't even care who it is) while Howard was on the other side of the globe, not even invited to the event. 

This glaring absence was obvious, and the message it sent was very clear. Let's hope the new guy got it as well. And all of those cabinet appointees should take note. If delivering the presidency doesn't prevent PEBO from running out the plank on a servant, nothing will.

This makes me happy because I detest Dean. I'd love to see Brazille getting poked in the back with a sabre on her way to the end of the board as well. Yet it is also another indicator of how disloyal and self-serving Obama truly is. He takes "what have you done for me lately" to a whole new level. When you are no longer useful, you get chucked over the side of the S. S. Narcissist, and the ship steams on.

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Greenconsciousness said...

Take comfort - here is Brazille's poke.

She got nothing.

I think she had a TV show for a while but I have not seen it lately.