Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HRC Confirmation Hearing Part 1

John Kerry and Richard Lugar are boring and self-absorbed. Kerry spent his introductory time talking about himself and what he thinks Obama should focus on. Then Lugar read off some pages and it was oh my god so boring! Lugar spent most of his time on worrying about the Clinton Foundation and what the Committee thinks President Clinton should do - refuse any donations from outside the U.S., but probably they don't want him to take any money from anyone... Any chance to slap Bill's wrist and Congress just goes crazy for it.

Now Kerry is outlining the breaks they will take today. Hillary hasn't said a word yet.

Chris Dodd was next and he is kissing Kerry's ass with praise about Kerry's role in replacing Biden as chair of this committee. He is so excited about Kerry's leadership. He is basically saying yeah John, yeah Hillary, but I gotta go chair my own committee, the banking committee. Oh wait, didn't PEBO tell us that was HIS committee - emphasized with a chest thump - when he took credit for something that Dodd did? Exit stage right already, Dodd!

Oh, Chuck Schumer is sitting next to Hillary. Kerry is offering Chelsea an "intern for a day" job so she can sit across from Hillary later today.

Now Schumer is congratulating Kerry for "ascension" to the chairmanship of the committee. I wonder if it grates on Kerry that he wanted the SOS job and got skipped over for it.

Schumer says Hillary is the "right person at the right time". That she was spent more time under the political spotlight than anyone. His introduction is really good, strong, and sets the tone of HRC's qualifications. Calls her the "most important and best loved ambassador" during the Clinton administration. He talks about how she has met with individuals around the world, not just political leaders. He praised her service to New York and her as a leader and public servant.

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