Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HRC Confirmation Hearing Part ll

HRC sends Schumer off with a warm thank you. Then said nice things to Kerry about his taking over the committee from Biden. Now she's speaking her sincere and forceful opening statements. She said she loves the Senate and that it will be hard to say goodbye to it, if she is confirmed. She says she will be in frequent consultation with this committee, congress as a whole, and Biden. She talks about bipartsanship, and about renewing America's leadership.

She mentions Mumbai, Gaza, rapes and violence in the Congo, piracy, and other current world problems.

She talked about globalization, and the many changes that have happened to us over the past decade. She is touching on every area, from economic issues to poverty, education, drugs, dangers to children, to women.

We need to "fill the world with more partners and fewer adversaries".

Foreign policy must be based on a marriage of principles and pragmatism.

American leadership has been wanting but is still wanted.

She talked about her concept of "smart power". The right tool or combination of tools for each situation. Diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy. She promises forward thinking and sustained diplomacy around the world. Looking for opportunities, exerting leverage, partnering with non-governmental organizations, usi8ng modern technologies for public outreach.

She is smart, calm, and believable. This is when she shines and where she is the strongest. I believe she will do a wonderful job in representing us. The only way she can have a rocky tenure is if, like Condeleeza Rice, she has to carry out foreign policy that is wrong and harmful to our country and our allies.

"Establishing priorities means making tough choices."

She says she is optimstic and believe there are opportunities out there for America amidst all of the problems.

Iraq - PEBO is committed to ending the occupation, safely and responsibly. This is her telling the Faithful that he is going to break his campaign pledge to immediately end the Iraqi occupation. She is making clear that it will take time .

She talks of persuading Iran and Syria to give u sponsoring terrorism and join in partnership. She mentions the other countries of the region, including Israel, and expressed understanding of the desire to be free of shelling from Hamas, but that the U.S. is interested in ending civilian injuries and deaths and in working for peace.

She says WMD are the greatest danger to Americans, and includes cyber weapons. She says the U.S. will get back into the business of reducing nuclear stockpiles, and to shut down the market for selling these weapons.

China will be changing the global landscape and we need a stronger relationship with them.

She talked about the economic crisis that is affecting the whole world and the global economy.

She is ready for whatever they ask her, and this introduction lets them all know she is in full wonk form today, ready to answer completely all questions, and don't waste her time with nonsense, because she will bury you in facts. She has the Obama cloak ready if she needs it, but just mentioning his name, repeatedly, and the fear the Democrats have of his displeasure, should make this more of a show today of going through the motions than of seriously challenging her. To challenge her is to challenge him, and that just doesn't fly in the climate today where everyone is fighting for a seat close to PEBO and nobody wants to get kicked off the bus.

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