Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lugar is a Putz

Grinning goodl ol' boy Lugar on the left just lapsed into Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

I hope many people saw the stumbling and disjointed accusations by clearly nervous, throat-clearing Senator Lugar, about the Clinton Foundation. Basically, he sat there and accused Hillary Clinton and the former President of planning to undermine the U.S. through donations.

He could barely meet her eyes as he sat there trying to create the impression that there is something shady going on and I hope he feels ashamed of himself for treating such a classy human being as a common crook.

Gracious under fire, having had to deal with it for 16 years, she began by saying "You come at this issue in good faith, as I do. These are matters that have to be handled with the greatest care and transparency..." then went on to describe how the money comes into the Foundation, and reminded him AGAIN that Obama's team has already dealt with this.

After she gave the thorough and patient answer to this insult, she went on to say "I have no illusions that no matter what we do there will be those who raise conflicts."

Now he's trying to laugh it off, referring to the First Lady and her distinguished husband, but then had to lecture her some more, like he knows something about this that others don't. So patronizing and full of himself. What a putz!

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