Thursday, January 22, 2009

PUMA Bloodlust Blackout Day

As I began my rounds of PUMA blogs this morning, I felt interest turn to discomfort, and then to digust. In protest of the bloodlust over Caroline Kennedy removing her name from consideraiton, I will not read PUMA blogs for the rest of the day. From tacky cartoons about "royal tears" to Obot-worthy slams against this woman, blood is in the water and the sharks are ripping her apart.

After all the shit Hillary and Sarah Palin took during the campaign, that PUMAs were incensed about, it is really pathetic to see the ugly way she has been treated at their hands. All very sexist, whether they admit it or not.

Today I declare a moratorium on reading any PUMA blogs. I refuse to participate in woman-bashing.


1 comment:

RealChange said...

I hear you! I, too, get very upset when I read blogs like that! Especially from our sisters. I will send your message along with one of my own. Thanks for your integrity.