Saturday, January 10, 2009

Smoking Crack at MS Magazine

Evidently the editors of MS magazine were not paying attention during the primary and general election,because they have this ridiculous photo on their cover. And hey, if you act now, you get the cover as a poster. OMG... Pass the crack pipe!

Obama as a Feminist? Puulleeezzeee. Yet another group of people expecting The One to "pay their mortage" like that deluded woman on election night!

He ain't gonna do shit for women. How do I know this? Simple. I've been paying attention!

Let me list a few of the many instances when Obama sold out women this past year.

1. Flipping off Hillary Clinton at a speech and being cheered for it
2. Remaining silent as she was roasted by sexist comments
3. The "lipstick on a pig" remark about Palin
4. Continuing to employ breast-groping frat boy Jon Favreau to write his speeches
5. Calling a professional journalist "Sweetie"

Any one of those is offensive but they show a pattern of behavior and thinking that is not feminist. It is misogynist and patronizing.

How does MS not see this? Because women can't act in their own best interests as a cohesive voting block. We are the majority in numbers but too many women are unconsciously and blindly man-identified, and like MS, STILL expect some man to give us justice.

I've got a better idea. Why don't we just take it ourselves?

MS and its Obama Faithful will have four years to wake up realize that Obama won't be doing ANYTHING for women - at least not until his re-election campaign begins. Then a few crumbs might fall off the table.

The reality is that he needed women's votes to win. He got enough of them, and now he doesn't need to pretend to care.

Oh wait, here's another very recent and MAJOR way he has dissed women:

Only five out of 21 cabinet appointments to women...

Same as George W... So I guess that makes George W a Feminist too, according to MS standards.

Wake up, women.

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Taexalia said...

The fact that women, feminist women, have put a man up there like that illustrates that we are sliding back to the days of waiting for the knight in shining armour to come and rescue us instead of getting on the damned horse all by ourselves.