Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Asterisk SuperBowl

The Cardinals/Steelers SuperBowl was the worst officiated championship game I have EVER seen. Inexplicable calls and non-calls decided the game. Period. While the Steelers will be remembered as the winners, it will also always be remembered how suspect that victory really was, and that isn't fair to either team.

Ken Whisenhunt used his two challenges to get overturned blown calls by the officials —a run that was initially ruled a touchdown, the other on an incompletion that was initially ruled a fumble. How is it possible that a head coach has two challenges upheld in a SuperBowl?

The Cardinals were penalized 11 times for 106 yards. Several of the holding calls were marginal at best. On one Steelers drive, Arizona was called for three personal fouls.

Yet after the last touchdown, Santonio Holmes used the ball as a prop in his "victory celebration", which should have earned hiim a 15 yard foul, moving the Cardinals 15 yards down the field.

Then, on Warner's last snap of the game, when he was clearly in the act of passing the ball, the officials ruled it a fumble. And it was not reviewed in the booth!

Not reviewed in the booth!!!!

Moments before, a less obvious play had been reviewed and ruled an incompletion.

It's hard enough to win at that level. For such incompetent refereeing to be allowed to decide the fate of the game is just inexcusable.

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Alessandro Machi said...

On that 99 yard run back, I saw a flag thrown early in the play. Was that ever addressed?

I hadn't considered the possibility of a 15 yard penalty for excessive celebration on Holmes, that would have made it interesting, that's for sure.

I kind of thought that Holmes did have both feet in bounds, and that the final play was a fumble.

They really should have gone for one or two more 10-15 yard plays.

Time management would have been, 4-5 seconds for each play, with enough time to still run one or two more plays.

It's possible that Steelers were playing the sidelines because any play in the middle of the field and the game is over because time will run out.

However, after that long touchdown run up the gut by Fitgerald, maybe the Steelers would have given up another shorter reception to put the Cardinals close enough to go for a touchdown.

I wasn't actually rooting for either side. I was rooting that the game go down to the final play. I did feel slightly cheated by them going for the long pass one play too early.