Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hillary Gets Hosed AGAIN

In a pattern that is all to familiar, Obama and his minions have screwed Hillary over yet again. With a series of moves she has been sidelined, the role of Secretary of State reduced to the mundane and the true foreign policy work being shuttled to the White House.

I am not surprised. I don't expect better from Obama.

That thug, Rahm Emanuel, with full blessing of Obama, is the culprit. Emanuel was demoted for undermining President Clinton, and eventually fired from his administration. Yet here he is at Obama's right hand, like a vampire whose pulled the stake out of his own heart.

A clear portratit of the treachery in the New York Foreign Policy Examiner details how it was accomplished. First George Mitchell is appointed special envoy, with direct access to Obama but who will, in a public show of patronization, also "report" to Clinton. Same deal for Holbrooke. Biden represented the new administration at the Munich Security Conference, outlining the U.S. foreign policy. That should have been done by the Secretary of State.

There are other signs of important international exchanges being orchestrated from the White House, bypassing State.

What a waste of an amazing talent. What an insult to a respected professional who could have been one of the best Secretaries of State this country has ever seen.

And what a royal hosing for someone who put Party first, who believed the bullshit and kept faith with her word. Everything she has done since June of 2008 has been a demonstration of her class as a person and her loyalty to the party.

But the Party is owned by Obama and his Chicago machine cronies, and they are serving up a heaping helping of revenge.

No matter what happens, Hillary Clinton can hold her head up high. When she suspended her campaign, she graciously praised Obama. She let the documentation of the caucus frauds wither on the vine for the good of the Party. She campaigned tirelessly for him, even at events where Obama supporters booed her. She put a brave face on and went to the sham in Unity, NH. She went along with the charade in Denver, calling an uncomfortably staged halt to the roll call vote and asking for Obama to be given the nomination by acclaim, depriving herself of the historic roll call vote that she had EARNED through 21 primary victories.

She busted her ass to be a team player, to unite the Democratic party and help defeat the GOP and hand the presidency to Obama.

This is how Obama and his ilk use people when they need them, then toss them aside when they don't. One day the media love affair with him will end and the true story of this crass politician and his sordid Chicago roots will come to light.

Our country needed a leader like Hillary Clinton. We've settled for Obama. God help us.

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Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

I really did not want to see Hillary take this position. And now we see the reason why she should not have.

But, if things are really this bad... why on earth did she do it? Surely she saw this coming??

Why does she allow herself to be abused this way?