Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama Turns to Network News to Save Him

With his so-called stimulus plan getting a thumbs down from Republicans, Obama and his supporters are waking from euphoric dreams of magical bipartanship.

What's a PR Pres to do? Why, go on television, of course! According to USA Today, Obama has a "plan to grant interviews to every national television network." A media blitz - that's what we need. The most over-exposed person on the planet needs MORE airtime.

He overwhelmed the country with his image in November and that got him elected. Surely if he appears on every tv news show that will have him, the masses will rise up and press their Republican representatives to support this $900 billion boondoggle.

And monkeys might fly out of my butt...

There's no end in sight because he can't control his own party. Instead of standing behind their guy's package, Democrats want to keep padding this behemoth, with Patty Murray trying to tack on $25 billion more for infrastructure. Others are no doubt lining up with their pet projects to keep adding to the pricetag that our great great grandchildren will be paying.

Where is the sanity? Oddly enough, on the other side of the aisle. Republicans want to actually focus on the housing market. They want to cut out wasteful pork, and eliminate inexplicable parts of this "economic stimulus" like $870 million to combat bird flu.

Obama called our economy a "disaster" last week. The problem started on Bush's watch but it continues to deepen in the first month of "hope and change 1.0". Job losses are up. Personal spending is down. The housing market is moribund.

People are frightened and wallets are clamped shut. Watching the Democrats, newly come to power, crashing around like amateurs, cobbing together a pork-filled mess rather than targeting key areas of economic need comes as no surprise.

There is a vacuum at the top, where an inexperienced president who promised far more than he could ever deliver, and appears to have believed his own PR is stumbling out of the gate, expecting the Republicans to not be Republicans, and for the Democrats to have the spine to actually govern.

How's that working out for ya, PreBo? It sure as hell isn't working out for us.

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