Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama Unmasked

A concise look at why so many Democrats rejected Obama. The writer describes what so many of us saw - that Obama was a typical politician, with a weak resume. With a legion of people who believed the myth spun by the Obama campaign, and the MSM ready to rip Hillary Clinton on a daily basis, this empty suit now occupies the Oval Office. It is painfully obvious so far how out of his depth he is.

This is Bush 3.0 - another learn-on-the-job president, and this one just put us a trillion dollars in debt, to pay for a stimulus plan that may or may not have an effect on our economy. An economy, he reminds us daily, looks to him to be as bad as the Great Depression.

What happened to all the hope and that change we could believe in? Utter bullshit, said to get him elected. Well it worked and there he is, unfit and unprepared.

The exchange detailed in the piece, blasts a hole in the meme that we are simply bitter about Hillary. Like this writer, I didn't think Hillary should run because of what the press would do to her. Like the writer, I initially supported Edwards, but Hillary won me over. I wasn't "voting vaginas' back then.

Obama looked and sounded like a phony to me back at the 2004 convention, although I could see why some might think he had charisma. In the debates, he seemed out of his depth.

While the debates were going on, I did my homework. I read about Obama, and what he did to Alice Palmer and made up my own mind about what kind of person he was. I've seen nothing since to change my mind. I saw the caucus fraud. The DNC dirty tricks. Taking delegates from a state where he had voluntarily withdrawn his name. The "race speech" that blamed us for Rev. Wright, and for why it was our fault and really okay that Obama sat in that church for 20 years. I saw the monument to ego in Denver when accepting the party's nomination at the actual convention site just wasn't good enough for him. And so on.

I watched his nonsense being swallowed whole - savored, in fact, - and praised as greater than, better than, transcendent, and post-(fill-in-the-blank), over and over.

Are the emails in this piece a real exchange, or a fictionalized one? Doesn't matter. The case laid out by the person who claims to know Obama from social settings, as well as DNC insider meetings, simply lays out what so many experienced last year at the hands of Obama's mesmerized supporters and the equally starstruck MSM.

A must read for PUMAs, and those who are ready to face the truth about Obama.

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