Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One down, Three to Go

I keep my perfect record of having never listened to a single Obama speech, by skippig his appearance at Congress last night. I'm surprised he didn't try to hold the SOTU at Fedex field. Congress is a damn small venue for someone like The One, and they didn't provide even one styrofoam column...

The good news - with one SOTU behind him, the Stumbler-in-Chief has three to go before a Marine helicopter flies him to the nearest airfield for a flight back to Chi-town.

It's interesting to see some of the headlines today. It seems even the press is starting to see that his speeches still sound groovy, but they are kinda light on substance. Breast-groping speech-writer Jon Favreau seems to have been exposed finally for crafting his patented vague statements that O then delivers like he was auditioning for a Hollywood leading role. No actual plans, just a lot more empty promises.

Change we can believe in my ass.

After being publicly coached by President Clinton to be more optimistic, O is reported to have done that, claiming we would "recover" and cracked an almost sincere smile.

We are in deep shit with this rookie at the helm.

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