Monday, February 9, 2009

A Trillion Dollars?

That's a number so big I can't even grasp it. The kind of number you say when you are a kid, with starry eyes, and want to grow up and "make a trillion dollars".

I've never met a kid - well until now - who wants to spend a trillion dollars of money we have to borrow from China on a half-baked scheme to "save the economy".

I think the economy needs to be saved from Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi!

Obama is warning that our economy will be doomed FOREVER if the porkulus package isn't passed immediately. No time is being taken to really look at this monstrosity. Instead, a guy with a few weeks in the White House under his belt, and 143 days of actual Senate work, is dictating that we assume a mass of debt that is astronomical, and that some economists say will NOT do what Obama promises and may in fact hurt the economy more.

But Obama wants to keep moving. He's planning to double the number of soldiers in Afganistan soon, so the price tag for war is also going to soar.

I don't know if we can afford four years of this guy.

China SO owns us.

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