Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who is this guy?

Obama has been draping himself in the words and images of former presidents for a long time. We are told he is another JFK, with half of the Kennedy's publicly crowning him, and Caroline on his arm on the campaign trail. He has to go to Berlin to give a speech, like JFK. He has to give a speech in a sports arena, like JFK.

Then he is Lincoln-like, tracing his train trail to Washington. Holding his rock concert inaugural bash at the Lincoln memorial.

He fills his government with Clinton appointees.

Now aides tell us tonights SOTU speech will be Reaganesque.

The self-professed blank screen seems determined to keep flashing presidential visages onto himself until the public reacts well to one.

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In Mary's Image said...

Hi Willow,
Pretty soon he is going to be Fred Astaire as he begins to tap-dance his way through the next 11 months to keep up on all of his promises.