Friday, March 27, 2009

Kool-Aid Drinkers Owe Us All

With Obama running the national debt into the stratosphere while clearly having no viable plan for the economic recovery, Afganistan, Iraq, education, or any of the myriad of areas he's dabbled in since January, the shrieking thongs who put him there owe us all. Remember all that campaign cash he raised from you people? You better keep paying. Send checks to the Treasury Department, because you owe us all for the disaster sitting in the Oval Office.

They foisted this unqualified and unprepared Manchurian candidate on us, and he is wrecking our country. Destroying our economy. Commiting a handful of troops to Afganistan and ignoring the request of the actual commander in the field. These troops have no chance of fulfilling any kind of sane mission there. Ask the Russians how Afganistan worked out for them. He's sent candy & flowers to Iran, and was slapped across the face for insulting them with words rather than actions. He's no friend of Israel.

He's had a record number of high level nominations implode over legal problems, and the one department - Treasury - where we need people with knowledge and experience remains woefullly understaffed.

But he did find time to go on ESPN to announce his basketball pics for March madness. It's madness alright...

Of course, the re-election campaign continues, with a campy web-based town hall meeting which was attended only by those who bought this Edsel 18 months ago. And his giggly "60 Minutes" appearance on the heels of doing Jay Leno's show. I don't know about you Faithful, but I'd rather see the president actually at work in D.C., not playing rock star on t.v.

He's destroying the Democratic Party, making it the Party of massive government spending and big taxes (they are coming, folks. He'll be shaking his finger sternly in our faces within a year admonishing us to sacrifice...). He's dabbling in everything and accomplishing nothing. The GOP was in disarray and he's singlehandedly giving them a Congresisonal win in 2 years and probably the White House in four.

But I don' t know that we can withstand 4 years of this fool. His first 100 days have brought us to our financial knees.

I think of the former friends who all but called me a racist, stupid, bitter, uninformed, narrow-minded, and old-fashioned because I didn't support Obama. They were so sure they were right and he would be The One.

You people owe us all an apology and you really should be mailing money to the Treasury Department to cover the ridiculous amount of debt your guy is foisting on this country. If he can raise a record amount of cash on the campaign trail from you people, you can damn sure cover the horrendous financial mistakes this neophyte is making as he postures his way through the presidency.

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