Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Frakkin' Episode

Tonight, Battlestar Galactica comes to an end. Not even SciFi channel's inept handling of its schedule, making us wait A YEAR sometimes for new episodes, could ruin one of the best written and most engrossing shows since "The West Wing".

Strong woman characters made the show more than a space western. You never saw Laura Roslin fall down while running in high heels! Helen Tigh is the head cyclon of the final five. The Sixes run the show on the baseship affiliated with the fleet. Starbuck is the best frakkin' Viper pilot on board.

Not that the men aren't capable and complex. Ron Moore has written them as multi-dimensional, allowing them to display emotion, even weakness, as well as leadership and strength.

Without Galactica, SciFi, which I read someplace may change its name to SyFy, will have nothing of depth or value on its schedule. Right now, its set a course as the channel where failed sci fi/fantasy goes to die. The home of one-season-then-cancelled shows like "Invasion" (which they jave already pulled) and "Moonlight".

I'll be looking forward to "Caprica" and just hope SciFi doesn't screw around too badly with its scheduling. But for today, my heart is with the fleet, and I have stepped across the red line to volunteer for Galactica's final mission. Let's go kick some Cavel butt and find us a home!

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Notyour said...

What a joyful ride it was! I had been so turned off by the original, it took me to seasons to take a look at this version. I read the sell to Sci-Fi was easy - because of the woman president and Starbuck a woman...