Monday, March 23, 2009

Lupica Puts Down the Kool-Aid

"Before Leno last week, he (Obama) was on ESPN, filling out his brackets for March Madness. Sunday night, he was back on network television, CBS this time, "60 Minutes" with Steve Kroft, where he seemed to think he was still with Leno, yukking it up about money to the point where Kroft said that people were going to think the leader of the world was acting punch-drunk."

The permanent campaign is not a new idea, but the Obama camp is taking it way over the top, and even a guy who said he'd have voted for him twice if they let him, is now saying Hey President Obama, the campaign is over - forget the popularity contest.

This is what Obama does. He runs for things. And he is running for re-election right now. Never mind that his infant term has been fraught with tax cheats he proposed for high office. Or that Geither's latest financial recovery plan was shot down by Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in Economics, is destined to fail. His football and drinks approach to bipartanship blew up in his face when no Republicans signed on to the pork-ladened spendulus package. Our country's face is still red from the embarassing way he bungled the Gordon Brown visit.

Remember this is the guy who giggled about the "nifty jacket" he got to ride on Marine 1.

Who is having social events practically every evening, on our dime, to show off that he actually lives at the White House. He's got the heat jacked up in the Oval so high you could grow tropical flowers in there. Guess whose paying for that?

But hey, they're putting a vegetable garden in at the White House. Wonder whose job it will be to maintain it?

But I know who'll be standing in the middle of it, leaning on a hoe he'll not have touched until that day, for the photo op when the beans are ready to be picked.

President Showboat.

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