Monday, March 23, 2009

NY TImes Reports on Michelle's Hips!

Oh wow, I was SO wondering how oh how does she "keep those hips from spreading"! I mean, isn't that what EVERY woman obsesses about? And belts. Oh my god, belts are SO important. And shoes. Finally a news story from a first rate newspaper that deals with the real issues important to women in this country.

We don't care about hunger, education, health care, retirement, jobs, war, violence, or any of those other unpleasant topics.

I'm just disappointed the Times didn't post any of her favorite recipes...

Please, NY Times, keep giving us this vital information about Michelle Obama. We don't care what she thinks or what is important to her. Just tell us how she keeps her hips from spreading. This kind of "reporting" just underlines how hopelessly out of date your paper really is when it comes to women. Don't be surprised when the doors close on you as well. Good riddance.

I'm not a fan of either Obama. I think he's a liar and she's a fake. But I don't like stereotyping. In fact, I predicted this diminishing of her back in November. Then it was Officer Germaine Greer of the Fashion Police criticizing Michelle and her daughters for their outfits.

Obama is tied with George Bush when it comes to the paltry number of women in his cabinet. If not for Hillary Clinton as SoS, women would be absolutely invisible in the Obama administration.

But hey, we know how Michelle keeps that pesky fat off her hips.

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