Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parallel Universe

Am I crazy for feeling some relief that Obama is on his way to Europe? Because I do. Big time. Something about knowing he isn't on the same continent as me is very reassuring... Certainly nothing I've seen of his presidency gives me that same respite feeling. Just as we became this strange military state under Bush, Obama is remaking us in the Socialist image with a little dictator flavor thrown in.

Neither Bush's militarism or Obama's debting frenzy fits with the America I knew for 40+ years. It's like waking up in my 50s and discovering I've crossed the space-time continuum to some faux America that kinda looks like mine, if you close one eye and squint the other, but sure doesn't think, act, or lead like the country of my birth.

We are butt deep in unpayable debt, borrowing money from China and Japan, and they've got their own troubles. China is making concerned noise about the solvency of our T-bills, and rightly so. What are we doing with that borrowed money? The government is buying up toxic assets - and that is just a phrase that makes my toes curl. Buying toxic ANYTHING doesn't sound like a good idea. And Obama is shoveling billions and billions toward buying them.

Now he is taking over the U.S. auto industry, rather than letting it die. Has he submitted plans for the cars they should be building as well?

I don't get the impression that he has an actual plan. Just a lot of Hope. A lot of "let's try this" Okay, "now let's try this", and hope to hell something works. It's like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it's done. Splat. Slide off. Splat. Plop. So far, nothing's sticking...

Maybe this is karma come home to roost, eh?

Steal an election with caucus fraud, laundered money, and intimidating/paying off superdelegates, and the Universe serves up a recession complete with horrifying unemployment. Solve that, butthead.

Obama's approval rating is declining like our 401K balances. He's still got some media honeymoon going on, but even his butt-kissing cheerleaders at the New York Times are starting to question whether he is up to the job he wrangled.

Now he's off to Europe to straighten them out. And I will enjoy the few days we have before he comes home to do god only knows what next.

Maybe he will turn out to be fabulous and historic and the best ever. But from what I'm seeing, it sure just looks, and feels, like a mess.

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