Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Politics Fatigue

I find myself burned out on politics. Everything I've experienced in the past year+, from the primaries to the stimulus package, reinforces to me how powerless average U.S. citizens really are. Lower and Middle class workers, like me, just get screwed, over and over.

Now Obama has put on the negotiating table taxing us for the health care coverage our employers provide. Treating it as income. I brought the idea up at a gathering this week,and a friend, a rabid Obama fan, said well that's what McCain wanted to do. I said, well now Obama is talking about doing it. She just stared at me like I'd grown a second head... The kool-aid drinkers can't believe it either.

Meanwhile, AIG execs are getting bonuses from the bailout - financed with IOUs on my future taxes and cash borrowed from China.

So I'm pretty much done with thinking I can influence anything in the realm of politics. To think about it, write about it, try to take action against it, seems like a waste of time.

Perhaps one day down the road I'll give a shit again. But not now. The first 60 days of Obama have pretty much done in my hopes for actual change that would benefit average, everyday, working, and taxpaying Americans like me.

We're gonna keep on getting screwed, to finance the lifestyles of the rich people.

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Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

I am in the same place, emotionally. My "giv-a-damn has bitten the dust.

And, besides... the weather is beautiful.... the gardens are calling to me ... and the dogs want to go to the park.

To heck with politics. At least for now...