Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pork Cognitive Dissonance

President Obama on Wednesday will talk about new guidelines aimed at cutting down the number of earmarks in appropriations legislation, one day after the Senate passed a spending bill with nearly 9,000 earmarks, his administration said.
How seriously can we take the no doubt sternly worded "rules of the road" on earmarks that Obama is going to announce today when he is getting ready to sign the $410 billion pork-laden bonanza making its way to his desk.

He thinks we are that stupid, that we can overlook him okaying this massive giveaway AND take him seriously that next time it's gonna be different . Say one thing and do another.

Classic Obama.

This is the same guy who, as senator, asked for what amounted to a million dollars a day in earmarks for his state. Why is ANYONE believing him on earmarks?

His first 7 weeks in office have nearly destroyed us. The amount of debt he's racked up is beyond staggering. How is that any different from what Bush did? It's not.

Classic Obama.

I've stopped reading much news and even other PUMA blogs because what he is doing to this country just makes me cry. I've heard stories this past week of two older women (my age, folks), who have been laid off for "performance reasons" when we all know it is to clear higher salaries paid to those who have worked loyally for a long time at a company.

Here in this upstate college town, a bastion of liberalism, and awash in Obama bumper stickers, the lines at the food banks are growing longer and longer.

And he is going to okay $9K in pork barrel spending that will have to be borrowed from Japan and China, to bribe senators and representatives in Congress so they will sign off on the stimulus bill. That is their shame.

President Hope-n-Change is President Business-as-usual.

But NEXT TIME IT'S GONNA BE DIFFERENT. And I've got some swamp land in Florida I'd like him to borrow money from China to buy...

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