Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spinning Bacon

Earth to the Democrats in Washington - the 9,000 in earmarks are not "last year's business" because they are in the bill Obama signed NOW. On HIS watch. From YOUR control of Congress.

The pork lays on your plate, not Bush's. Not the GOP's.

Obama can make stern speeches about how he's going to end them, but having just signed over $7.7 billion of our taxpayer dollars (or China's, it's hard to tell...) for another round of pork lashed to the stimulus bill, he has zero credibility on this issue.

"If Washington can't end a tawdry system that involves relatively small amounts of money, what hope is there for reforming the big stuff? Cutting the number of earmarks to zero shouldn't be that hard -- and should be this year's business." - Froma Harrop, Real Clear Politics

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