Wednesday, March 25, 2009

T & A and Poker

"Bluff" magazine sends me free ones. I don't want them, but since they are free, and I am a poker fan, I flip through them. What a load of sexist garbage. One ad is of a women wearing a thong, ass pointed at the camera and covered with sand. Guess how men image THAT happened.

Then there are women actually holding up cards (which you DON'T do in real poker - you leave them on the felt and peek...) but they are only doing that to draw your eye - as if you can miss it - to the massive cleavage spilling onto the table.

Women who participate in this objectifying of our bodies are worse than the pornographers who think up these ad campaigns. If there weren't women out there willing to put their naked butt in front of a camera lens, or lend their silicone-packed breasts to an ad campaign, perhaps women would start to be taken more seriously. It is so sad to see young women continue to exploit themselves in the pages of a slick magazine.

Guess what horny young boys do with your pictures, girls? You are masturbation fodder. Nothing more. Nobody takes you seriously. Nobody.

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