Friday, April 3, 2009

Back Away from the Birth Certificate

After the election, I took a break from some Dem lists that had just gone crazy over whether or not BO is a U.S. citizen. The reality is that he's been sworn in and this issue is DEAD.

Yesterday I rejoined a few, and OMG they are STILL talking about it. Email after email of righteous rage. It made me sad, because they have a legitimate point. Why didn't we get to see his real one?

By refusing to release it he has fed this fire and it still smolders. It gives the appearance that there is an issue. Yet there is absolutely no way anyone will EVER get a look at his real birth certificate. Won't happen.

It's time to give this up, people, and move on. There are plenty of present time issues with PreBO that are actually pointing up how right we were about this lack of qualifications and naivete. Focus on the shifting sand of today, and let the election go.

He won't be removed from office over the birth certificate flap. It didn't prevent him from being sworn in, and it won't be the thing that gets him removed from office. The best we can work toward is for someone with the proper knowledge and acumen to defeat this guy in 2012.


Anonymous said...

What kind of a country elects a president who will not show his birth certificate? What kind of a man would show such arrogance? Sorry, I think it's still important.

Tifom said...

Hello Willow,

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Do you mind to change it to "The World of Hillary Clinton"?

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