Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party

Liberals are screaming that the Tax Day Tea Party is a FOX News/lobbyist-created and backed movement, but there are plenty of average Americans involved in the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party. The parties are a visible symbol to protest the irresponsible spending going on in Congress and the White House. People I work with, here in academic ilberal land, are already fed up with Obama's mindboggling plans to redistribute wealth in America.

Last night CNN gave a little coverage to this daylong and nationwide event. Let's see if they will all ignore it tomorrow.

I support the spirit of this protest because what is happening right now is criminal. Large portions of the population not paying taxes but being represented and reeping benefits. The middle class getting squeezed and we know Obama will tax us further, regardless of the smoke he's blowing up our skirts today. Retirement funds - gone.

The country I grew up in no longer exists. We have become a weak nation of spoiled and greedy politicians sucking the rest of us dry. Our national debt is our national disgrace. Four pirates in a lifeboat held our Navy off for five days - Obama's appeasement policy in action.

I don't think this movement will go way after April 15. I think the GOP has found a vehicle and a voice, and I think independents and non-Obama Democrats are listening. I know I am.

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