Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why the Tea Party Movement Should Grow

"The Tea Parties represent a growing anger against encroaching tyranny by a federal government that pays far more heed to billionaire financiers, union bosses, special interest lobbyists, and those on the bottom who pay no income taxes, than it does to all the folks in the middle, who work hard to pay their taxes and all their other bills." writes Kyle-Anne Shriver at the American Thinker Blog.

She captures my own feelings exactly, and I am not a conservative or a Republican. I am still a registered Democrat. But I do not support the direction the Democratic Party has gone. They seem as out of touch as Bush did.

Shriver writes " At a time when we Americans in the vast middle write checks to our federal government as we try to balance household budgets already stretched to the max, we read about the Obamas flying in a pizza chef and Michelle hiring her own full-time makeup artist to go with her already full-time hairstylist. We're stunned by a $150-million plus price tag on an inauguration carried out at the same time this president was telling the rest of us we needed to put our "own skin into the game" of saving America from the "worst financial crisis since the Great Depression." We're shocked to see a president using tax dollars to pay for cocktail parties, elaborate entertainment and $100/lb. Japanese steak as he continues his campaigning from the White House. "

She also takes on the mainstream press who is STILL so in the tank for Obama. FOX news was villified for covering the nationwide Tea Parties yesterday, while the likes of CNN, CBS, NBC, etc. were writing it off as a staged GOP protest.

Thousands of parties across the country, bringing people together organically, where party big wigs like the head of the RNC were turned down when they offered to speak. What did CNN cover yesterday? Top left of the web page most of the day was an article on a new drug for alcoholism... 'nuff said.

And we're stuck with a mainstream media complex so in bed with the new administration that they fĂȘte us to nonstop commentary on the Obamas' new dog, the swing set on the White House grounds, the organic garden of the new First Lady and the exploits of the first mother in-law. ..."

Yet, from these members of the fourth estate, we see next to no interest in this administration's fumbling, bumbling, giveaway foreign policy. We see only the lamest of excuses for the ever-increasing numbers of tax cheats and lobbyists -- handpicked by this "new kind of president" -- filling up the administration. "

This is the media complex who gives more coverage to a paltry little group of ACORN agitators bussed to an AIG exec's house than it has to the hundreds of genuine grassroots Tea Party protests preceding yesterday's national outpouring. "

It is only when Shriver mentions stem cell research do she and I differ. Should conservatives, such as Shriver, who share important and basic American values with many other Americans, who are as appalled at the wanton debting as anyone,
resist the urge to trot out their Right Wing issues, Americans could join ranks across parties for the good of the nation.

Even those who stubbornly support Obama's stimulus debting and astronomical budget recognize that one day the piper must be paid. They know we don't have the money without ruinous taxes and that those taxes will fall on the lower and middle class, who are losing their jobs, homes, and hope. For years we've watched American companies send jobs oversea. There are only so many jobs open at Walmart...

There are millions of Americans today who are concerned with the dangerous about face in American foreign policy with Obama's appeasing of Muslim nations who hate us. Of huge aid giveaways to other countries who, as Shriver said, we have no control over.

If the day comes when "luxury issues" like stem cell research, abortion, and gay marriage can be shelved because the survival issues of joblessness, foreclosure, runaway government spending, congress that doesn't listen, president with his own agenda unite us, there will be hope that we can take back our country.

Then the Americans who are tired of our government not listening to us, not living within its means, or being fair to every one, could build a coalition that could transform American politics.

It was fed up colonists who chucked Britain's tea into Boston Harbor all those years ago, because they were done with having no voice in the government that was dipping into their pockets. We are in the same spot today. We can't take up arms against our government nor do rational people want that. What we do want is for America to put America first again. To fix the problems at home, take care of our people, and rebuild the American Dream.

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