Monday, May 11, 2009

Predictable Trump

Guess I don't need to watch the TIVOed Apprentice. I just found out by accident that Trump chose that ill-tempered, foul mouthed, horror Joan Rivers last night. Maybe he's afraid of how those two whore pit vipers, Joan and Melissa, would trash-talk him all over town.

At least I learned from the show this season that calling someone a whore pit viper actually demonstrates integrity and honor. Who knew?

Trump's friendship with Joan predetermined this "victory' before the season started. As Annie says, this is a fake firing from a fake job. It's Trump's vehicle to exercise his narcicissm and for celebrities to sell whatever it is they are selling. I see Joan Rivers already is whoring for a new show, created by Mark Burnett, the same guy behind Trump's apprentice.

Such heavy-handed marketing passing as a contest is breathtaking in its disgust factor. I imagine the deal was signed, with Trump's agreement to give her the title and thus bring more attention to the launch of the show.

In the real world, Joan would have been fired weeks ago for her diva antics, not rewarded for her vulgar mouth, rude behavior, and lack of professionalism.

Sad to know the best player didn't win. No need to see it happen.


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